Biological Orders

From the Story Arc: Social Orders

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(posted Sunday, February 04, 2007)


"Bless you, Bella ban," Thanh Ha said, walking into the Commissariat office with a cup of tea in hand. She paused as she headed towards her desk, instead taking a quick detour towards the blue-skinned woman.

"This is really odd," Bella said, blowing her nose as the Vietnamese doctor set her tea on a stack of papers. "I think something's up... I've never gotten sick like this before."

The gloved fingers of Social Medicine felt behind Bella's ear. She was definitely starting to run a fever. Her brow furrowed. "Medbay, now."

Bella nodded and was out of her chair in a flash. They made their way to the medbay as Thanh Ha interrogated her about her symptoms. After reaching their destination, the Vietnamese medic took a blood sample and began to run it through a genetic separator.

Just as the separator was winding down, the medical transporter activated, and a tall Russian man appeared on the platform. Both medical professionals turned as the man, dressed in a MiG-47 Personal Fighter Unit stepped out from the teleporter, saying, "Comrades, I am not feeling so well," and promptly began to collapse.

Thanh Ha swept in, catching the man and hefting him onto an examination table and quickly pulling off his headgear. "Gurevich ban," she said strongly, her hands working at break-neck speed. "Stay with us." The room pulsed green as the healing power of the Earth surged through her.

The man's face was pallid and beaded with sweat, and neither he nor Bella seemed to respond to the power. As Bella took over taking care of Sergei, Thanh Ha pulled the sample out of the genetic separator, replacing it with another sample she retrieved from Gurevich.

A saline drip and antibiotics administered, Gurevich began to stabilize, and the sample finished in the separator. Removing the sample, she pulled up an analysis and paused. The machine had identified the causes of both Bella's congestion and Sergei's affliction as the same, unidentified strain. Her brow furrowed again, and she picked up the two samples. "Stay with him, Bella ban," she said, slipping back into her labs.

The room was small; it had previously been a coat closet before Thanh Ha had appropriated it as her first office. Setting the samples on a shelf, she picked a syringe out of a box and removed the wrapping. After putting a few drops of a saline solution into the samples, she inserted the needle into the containers and drew them into the barrel.

She rolled up her sleeve, and began to fles her hand, slapping the crux of her elbow. A dark green vein appeared under the skin, and she slid the needle into her arm. Slowly, she pressed the plunger down. Closing her eyes, she felt the intruder virus course through her body. She shuddered involuntarily as it hit her heart, the syringe dancing on her arm. As her body wrenched the virus around, she took a deep breath and slowly let it out through clenched teeth.

A minute later, she returned from her room and headed towards the separator. "Thanh Ha," Bella said, dabbing Gurevich's brow as she spoke, "I've talked with a few people on the Congress channel. Others are starting to feel under the weather, some worse than others."

Thanh Ha nodded twice, then put a sample of a amber, viscous fluid into the machine. Crossing her arms, she waited for the separator to finish before checking the analysis. Nodding to herself, she removed the sample and set it in the vaccination synthesizer for two doses.

Five minutes later, as both Bella and Sergei's symptoms began to ebb after being administered an injection of the synthesized substance, Thanh Ha's fingers danced across the computer in the lab. The machine behind her hummed as hundreds of doses began to be created.

(( See Memo: URGENT: Potential Biological Threat ))