URGENT: Potential Biological Threat

(posted Sunday, February 04, 2007)


***Official CCCP Communication***

From the desk of Dr. Truong Thanh Ha
Chief Medical Officer, CCCP

To: All comrades, CCCP, Rebuild Paragon Congress
Subject: Potential Biological Threat - Vaccine Available


It has come to my attention that there are members of the Rebuild Paragon Congress that have become ill. Given that illness extremely uncommon in metahumans, steps were immediately taken to combat the disease. Samples of the disease have been secured and processed, and a temporary vaccine has been synthesized for distribution.

All biological members of the CCCP and YC are hereby ordered to report to the medical unit to recieve inoculation within 24 hours. Failure to respond will result in immediate quarantine. Please contact myself or Commissar Belladonna Aura immediately if you are already suffering effects of the disease. Mechanical comrades are excluded from this order, unless biological components exist.

It is recommended that members of the Rebuild Paragon Congress also report to the CCCP base for inoculation.

In addition, it is requested that all comrades whom have not been inoculated from the Vahzilok Wasting Disease also come in to recieve this vaccine. Given that this disease also affects mechanical comrades, a biomechanic supressor can be installed.

Attached is a list of comrades needing to come in for physical evaluation. Given the current circumstances, this is vitally important. Please see me immediately.

-- Commissar Social Medicine

Attached: rosterMedical_physNeed_0207.txt