Fisher of Bears

From the Story Arc: Stumble and Fade

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(posted Wednesday, March 07, 2007)

"Was it good for you?" Bear relaxed and put his hands behind his head. The Russian Trawler, turning pale, stared at the ceiling trembling slightly.

"I'm numb," She said.

"I know what you mean," Bear said dreamily, "It was like a grand convergence. Our souls became one, our bodily fluids exchanged. It was if the earth stood still for us, Comrade."

"No," Lena said coldly, "I mean I can't feel my legs. I do not think the antidote you provided me took care of your neuro...poison completely. Where did you get that anyway?"


Lena swore sharply under her breath. "Was this your first time, Comrade?" Bear asked.

Trawler laughed snidely. "What would give you that impression, Pavel?"

"You're bleeding. I have read in several gentleman's publications that means I have opened your pie filling, metaphoricaly speaking."

"That is because your... protection did not protect from internal bleeding. Where did you get it anyway? I would have words with pharmacist myself, if I could walk."

"Nemisis salvage. Comrade Zakat gave it t.... Bah! Curse him and his hipski ponytail!"

"I suppose I'll have to go see Than Ha about this," Lena said to herself.

"And what if this were his wife!" Bear muttered.

"Tell her I fell on cactus. Da, very small cactus."

"You do not think you are having baby Bear, do you?"

"How could I, Pavel, when it's probably all in my bloodsteam by now... 'Nyet, Comrade Than Ha, I do not know how Bear got that on the cactus...'"

"How would you describe my performance?"

Lena mumbled inaudibly. Finally she spoke up. "Why did you ask me to meow, Comrade Pavel? And who is this 'Old Miss'? Are you speaking of that intelligensia Zarya?"

Bear blushed uncomfortably. "Your freight container is nicer than mine."

"That is because I keep mine free of garbage. And I do not have unsightly shag carpet. My carpet is trim and free of vermin."

"And it matches your drapes."

"Da," Lena said proudly, "It took me long time to match it just right. Thank you for noticing."

Does this mean we are an 'item', Comrade?"

"Nyet. I would not go that far yet, Pavel."

"Can I tell Comrade Zarya? Perhaps show her my love marks?"

"You promised to keep your pants on at HQ."

"Da, da. Stupid rules."

All was quiet for a moment. "Pavel," Lena whispered, "I can feel my toes. You can go back to your container now."

Bear snored softly, lost a deep blissful sleep. Lena stood up stiffly and put on her robe. "Oh well," she muttered, "Best go get patched up. I have to work tomorrow."

And she shufled down the hall of the Sanctuary thinking about what kind of jewelry she could put in her freshly pierced tongue.