Time Apart

From the Story Arc: Stumble and Fade

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(posted Monday, March 12, 2007)

Comrade Zarya,

As you may have heard through the thin walls of the freight containers and down the long, open halls of the Sanctuary, my heart and body now belong to another. If you had not heard, perhaps you have seen some of the photographs I sent to you in the brown paper envelope.

Either way, I am now unavailable. Although Comrade Lena will not glance in my direction in public, she has let me know privately that I am to tell noone of this love. But I must tell you, Comrade Zarya, because I would not want your heart to be damaged.. nyet.. destroyed by this devestating news.

Your eyes can still want me, comrade, hungry and desirous as they are, but long gone are the nights spent watching you through the windows at Paragon University patiently grading papers. Never again shall we flirt innocently, with you calling me playful names like 'imbecile' or 'waste of a perfectly good clone'. I will also stop putting anti-toxins in your beverages because the chance of a spontaneous hook-up is a bitter memory.

My bodily fluids are reserved for another. I hope you understand.


PS: If you ever have the urge to meet me in a seedy motel, you are going to have to pay your half by yourself. Lena has recommended several with excellent rates!