Examination Request

(posted Monday, March 19, 2007)

Comrade Waitron,

Red Crosse is in need of a medical examination; she may have hit her head on something as she cannot remember who I am. Please ensure your hands are cold enough during the examination as I have often heard Commissar Belladonna say it helps bring people to their senses.


Red Star.

((Chatlog or 'What went before'))

Krasnaya Zvezda: Da svedanya, comrade Crosse. I will see you again soon I hope.
Red Crosse: Bye
Red Crosse: I shall miss you
Krasnaya Zvezda: You shall miss me, comrade?
Red Crosse: Yes, lately I find myself out alone.
Red Crosse: I miss certain carbon units. You are one.
Krasnaya Zvezda: Carbon units? You are mistaking me for another, comrade.
Red Crosse: I have been having issues with databases. I will run a check back at base.
Krasnaya Zvezda: I am not a database either.
Red Crosse: Ok, that has caused a couple error. Then who are you?
Krasnaya Zvezda: I am Red Star, comrade Crosse.
Red Crosse: AHH, forgive me.
Krasnaya Zvezda: Are you in need of an examination from comrade Waitron?
Red Crosse: While I do not feel I do; I would suggest one to someone else acting as I am.
Krasnaya Zvezda: I will take that as a yes, comrade, and schedule one immediately. They usually help comrade Bear if he forgets which room is his.
Red Crosse: I shall, I will return to base after this training simulation.
Krasnaya Zarya: This dialogue has been disturbing on so many levels...
Krasnaya Zvezda: Following Commissar Belladonnas proceedures, Waitron is currently standing with hands in freezer. They should be the correct tempurature for when you return, comrade Crosse.
Red Crosse: Well, that is odd.
Krasnaya Zvezda: What is, comrade?
Red Crosse: Hands in the freezer?
Krasnaya Zvezda: Ah, apologies, comrade. It is only Waitrons hands in the freezer. Comrade Zakat does not store his experiments here.
Krasnaya Zvezda: I can see why you were confused.
Krasnaya Zarya: Alexander has learned better since Bear annihilated some of his books.
Krasnaya Zvezda: Next time he will be more careful with his books though, comrade Sofia. As I mentioned, he was lucky that Bear found his laser for him. It was dangerous leaving it lying around like that.
Red Crosse: I have reported to base.
Krasnaya Zvezda: I am thinking that maybe I should monitor his work more closely, now I am looking after sciencific experimentations.
Krasnaya Zvezda: Privyet, comrade. It is good to meet you.
Red Crosse: Very nice to meet you as well.
Krasnaya Zvezda: It seems comrade Waiton is still not down to correct tempurature, comrade. Examination will have to be scheduled for another time.