What am I?

From the Story Arc: Mojiotok: Metamorphosis

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(posted Tuesday, August 10, 2004)

I must do something. I seem to have greater control over self, no more blackout, no more rampage, very little lust. But am still different. I can smell blood. It is all around me and calls my name. Is all times resistink urge to drink. Am learnink, or rememberink, man who is watching over me is member of Red Brigade. Kostyak. He has been studyink me. I do not know what he is findink, but am thinkink he is comrade. Nyet, Am knowink he is comrade. But he has nyet answers why I am way I am. I must find answer.Tonight malinki Bestla say she quit Red Brigade and go see Workers Champion. Red Saviour gives orders "Nyet!" like she is child. Red Saviour is part of problem. CCCP MUST be united most of all in this land. Givink edicts and shoutink orders is nyet good way. I tell her this, but she nyet listen. She is saying I whine. Can she not see she is becomink what Workers Champion is beink already? We are proletariat! We must be workink together for cause. Is no wonder Americanaki thinkink we evil.

So am decidink to go with Bestla. We are knowink Workers Champion better than others. He almost father to me, he will listen. He must listen. She go to submit to his will, she think we are cheating him. I go to find what is becomink of me. Why am I changink. Fearing Workers Champion is behind, but not knowink for sure.

Am rememberink things from when young; nurse tryink to stick me with needles. Vitamins they are sayink. But needles always break on skin. Then they open vein with laser, attachink somethink to arm. Is easier for them to shoot in these vitamins. Am thinkink these nyet vitamins, but somethink else. I will ask this of Workers Champion. I will ask this of my real father.

I go to be savink CCCP America. No more spies and no more assassins. A united force for Communism. A united force for worker. How we are winnink hearts and minds while fighting amoungst ourselves? Is nyet the way.

Malinki Bestla is strong, but is also fragile. She will be needink help. Am beink...fond of her. Will be watchink her close. She will nyet be slave to Workers Champion, none of CCCP will be slave to Workers Champion!

- Mojiotok: Metamorphosis continued in issue 10 of "Bestla's Diary"!