GoodBye, Pt 1

From the Story Arc: Kostyak's Journal

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(posted Wednesday, August 11, 2004)

It all went to hell last night.


I start Patrol and Pack gives me a call on the comm. Tells me to meet her at the Police Station. I figure she’s gonna tell me how the Big Mission over the weekend went. Girl loves to tell ‘bout every fight she’s ever been in and there ain’t many we don’t fight together. Probably wanted to rub it in as to how much the team was better without her havin’ to watch out for me or somethin’.


There’s a bad feelin’ in the air and I’m tense as hell when I see who’s there… actually, when I see who’s not... There’s no sign of Menace or Bear. If Pack has some good news, they'd be here, no question... bad news? there’s no way she would make the announcement with those two there. I check the comm twice to see if I can get either of them but no luck. Moj is there and so is Red… damn, I should’ve known how bad it was goin’ ta be at that point. I had been hidin’ Moj for 2 weeks from Red and The General. Everybody knew it… Red had been takin’ heat from WC about it, but as long as Moj kept a low profile, Red was willing to let it slide. It was just one of those little family secrets nobody wants to bring up. Him bein’ out in public pretty much meant that was blown.


Then Pack threw out the gut-punch. She and Moj were goin’ to face WC alone…


The next few minutes a kind of a haze… there’s shoutin’ and arguin’… most of it mine. Half the team acts like somebody died. Bestla seemed so small out there… heels dug in, refusin’ to budge… but so small. She didn’t seem like the girl who could take half the team out without a sweat. Moj?... Moj has been a head case for the last few weeks… hell, I know that better than anyone. He keeps talkin’ like this whole thing can be reasoned out. But he won’t let anyone come along… he knows. The bastard knows and he won’t let any of us help him.


I try to reach Menace again… no luck.


We move to a more private area on accounta the police are startin’ to gather real nervously. It ain’t like we’re unknown and they got a fair account of exactly how powerful most of us are. Our kind of domestic disturbances tend to end up with the National Guard involved.


Red… Goddamn her… Red’s willing to let them head right into the lion’s den alone. Won’t let me get a team together to help them at all. What did I expect? She and The General were willing to put Moj down like a dog and they started this thing together. She recruited Bear and then threw her out of the CCCP into our group. It really bothered Bear… but… I’d never tell Bear this, but I’m kinda glad Red did that one… Just wish she’d done more right by her friend.


Anyway… she probably didn’t bat an eye ‘bout lettin’ Pack go face WC alone. Hell, why should she… we’re the damn Castoff Crew. I start to lay into Red again and I just… I just know it won’t do any good… Can’t she see the team is falling apart? Can’t she see how we’d all come together, no questions asked… all she had to do was give the word and everyone there would have marched the gates of Hell to make sure those two didn’t have to face it alone…


… I couldn’t even look at Pack.


It’s so damn quiet all of a sudden…


There’s a lot more… but I really don’t feel like writin’ it all down right now… because I just had to say goodbye to Pack.