Who Is Against Us? Moment One

From the Story Arc: The Fading Flame: Meanwhile

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(posted Monday, April 02, 2007)

Komrad Vex sat contentedly at the computer station in the CCCP medbay. He relished this sort of work. Solitary, drawn out, detailed work. He had not been asked to tackle this job, but had instead undertaken it on his own initiative. He had been here for hours slowly going through the entire inventory of the CCCP’s vast collection of biological and medical specimens collected over years of patrols. As an officer he felt it his duty to make life easier for his superior. In this case, he wanted to do whatever he could to make her life better.

He flipped through computer images of odd creatures and unidentified microbes absently as his mind drifted to pleasant thoughts of the small woman with her boundless energy and spirit. With a start, he snapped back to the task at hand. More and more often he was finding himself losing focus when his thoughts turned to her. This sort of distraction was never good. Something had to be done.

He focused his attention back on the monitor as he clicked the mouse on the ‘next specimen’ icon. As the page loaded he felt a sudden, unfamiliar and totally unsettling sense of dread and foreboding. He turned to look around the empty room in an attempt to find the source of the feeling. As he gazed around the room, the base erupted in an explosion of light and sound. Claxons blared and lights flashed, his PDA squawked and the monitor he had been working on moments before flashed emergency messages. Immediately, he jumped to his feet and bolted for the door leading to the control centre as the intercom crackled to life and Bella’s shaken voice began to speak.