Who Is Against Us? Moment Two

From the Story Arc: The Fading Flame: Meanwhile

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(posted Monday, April 02, 2007)

Time slowed down.

She’d never been sure what that expression had meant before but listening to Jokers Ace going on about ‘horse racing’, Red Star finally thought she understood. After all, time couldn’t slow down; it was just the individual’s perception of time that seemed to go slower, mainly because of how much they wished the moment to pass so they could get on with something more important.

Patience was never her strong point. Spread betting, fixed odds, did she care? No. Should any Nictus - and there was no such species as a Warshade, no matter how much ‘Ace’ hated his origins - be this interested in odds and gambling? Still, it could be worse, he might be talking about--

Poker. Right, that was enough. He’d mentioned some Council that needed stopping and presumably he was planning on doing it before they died of old age.

{Comrade.} She broadcast, interrupting Jokers Ace who was mid-explanation of “Texas hold-em rules”. {I do not care how many cards--} Red Star broke off and stared out, over the sea.


The presence that was her sestra, wasn’t there. She’d felt their connection fade - which was normal, Astra was exploring a new dimension - but then it just stopped, disappeared.

{Astra.} she radiated again, concern hardening into resolve, then launched herself up and began climbing higher into the sky.

“Um, what about the Council?” queried Jokers Ace, from the ground below, “Ok, we’ll catch up later! Now where was I…”

Red Star forced herself to move as fast as she could, willing herself to move quicker. But nothing could move her fast enough; she was already too late and her sestra had gone.

She switched out of her Hulmanim form, and began teleporting towards the base portal and teleporter leading to Peregrine Island.


Time slowed down.