GoodBye, Pt 2

From the Story Arc: Kostyak's Journal

Previous Story in the Arc: GoodBye, Pt 1 by Kostyak (Wednesday, August 11, 2004)

(posted Wednesday, August 11, 2004)

Might as well get this down now. Probably won’t get a chance to later.


Everybody had left except me and Jadwiga. We’re just sittin’ there… not makin a sound… not lookin’ at each other.


Then Bear calls.


Neither of us is ready, but she needs to know.


Not really a shock, but Bear hits the roof… Cussin’ Red up and down. Musta been just what I sounded like. She starts demandin’ to know what I was goin’ to do ‘bout it. I told her that Red had ordered us to leave ‘em alone. She starts screamin’ about us never followin’ orders anyway… I told her that I had told Red that no matter what happened if we didn’t have Pack back in one month, I was goin’ to Russia to get her back… the thing was, I completely lied to Red as to the timetable. Bear jumped at the idea… it was the first time I smiled all night… cuz I knew she’d be with me in this plan.


The three of us start makin’ a list… seein’ who we can take. We HAVE to have Menace… we all know that… everybody else is up for debate. After a while of discussing it, Bear finally says what we’ve been getting’ at… we can’t bring anybody else into this. We don’t mention what we’ll do when we find ‘em… we know what’s going to happen.


Bear and Jadwiga head off to get everything ready… I go to find Menace. Finally tracked him down in the Canyon. Unfortunately, Red was there with Missile and Gato’s brother.


It was worse this time… Red and I screamed ourselves horse at each other. It ain’t worth goin’ into here. There were things said I don’t think either of us would forgive.


Turns out Menace had his own ideas ‘bout headin’ to Moscow. I told him our plans after everybody else had left. He warned me of WC’s powers… just like everybody else had that night… difference is Menace didn’t tell us not to go… he just wanted us prepared. He would be the point team… see what he could do in the next 36 hours. I don’t care about WC… we just got to get Pack outta there. Don’t care if we gotta stay on the run after that. Can’t leave her there to face him alone. We made plans to meet in two days at the Moskva airport.


Told the girls and… then I left a resignation letter at the Brigade base. I think I’ve probably burned a few too many bridges tonight. Save ‘em the trouble.


Four of us against the greatest hero in Russia’s history… we don’t have a chance.