Smiert Spionem

From the Story Arc: The Lecture

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(posted Saturday, April 14, 2007)

Brighid Moreira stared at the papers and photos scattered across her desk. A Longbow facility in Siren’s Call had been attacked. Someone had been brazen enough to use some kind of unknown agent to wipe out over 200 operatives and support personnel. Someone had stolen classified Longbow operational and logistics intelligence without setting off any alarms. And someone had known exactly when, where and how to pull off this stunt and make Longbow pay dearly.

Any villain group could have tried this, but only a few could have succeeded so spectacularly. But this attack reeked of a special kind of professionalism and a complete disdain for human life. Arachnos had a hand in this, but so had someone else.

And they had used a dead man and some unknown party in a Longbow Commander’s uniform to accomplish the deed. Brighid picked up a surveillance photo of one Dr. Garnier von Susteren, a senior researcher with MAGI, recently deceased. The picture showed him being escorted into the Longbow facility with the supposed Commander.

No red flags had been raised going in. And there was no evidence to suggest how this was pulled off. The security feeds and surveillance equipment had been erased shortly after this picture was taken. Whoever did this wanted to be seen. To be seen making a mockery of Longbow. A dead man sent to give a lecture about a dead man.

Brighid threw the photo back onto her desk in disgust.


Dr. von Susteren had been found keeled over in his appartment with two bullet holes in the back of his skull. A crumpled note with two words was clenched in his right hand.

Smiert Spionem.

Death to Spies.

Two words. No explanation. Azuria was handling Dr. Garnier von Susteren’s murder personally. Longbow had raided two Arachnos bases in Siren’s Call in retaliation. Both had already been abandoned. Twenty more Longbow operatives had been killed or seriously injured by booby traps.

If Rack wanted to play a game, Brighid would set him up against someone who was as apparently unstoppable as he was.

Smiert Spionem.

Death to Spies.

Two could play that card.