Report: The Second Disappearance of Red Saviour

(posted Thursday, May 20, 2004)

On the night of May 19, at approximately 11:00 PM, Comrade Red Saviour disappeared. Information from field commander Commissar Mojiotok and Tovarich Kid Igneous indicate that she strayed from the group to attack a large force of Clockworks alone. Her hospital teleporter removed her from the scene, but hospital records do not list her as a patient.

On May 19, and throughout the previous week, Eyewitnesses Mojiotok, Ununtriarch, Kid Igneous, Life Span and Collective Fist all reported erratic behavior of Commissar Red Saviour. Red Saviour confided in me that she was experiencing waking dreams, or hallucinations. She was unable to identify specific imagery, but irrational feelings of persecution, paranoia, rage and hatred were associated with them. The emotional states continued to resonate with her even in lucid times. One in particular has been hard for her to discard: an urge to "cleanse" her life.

From my investigations of the events surrounding her disappearance, I have concluded that Red Saviour was not abducted, but rather engineered her own disappearance by tampering with the hospital teleporter, then activating it by throwing herself into an unwinnable battle. Given the rising tensions between her and leaders Ununtriarch and Mojiotok, and knowing her determination and willpower, I do not think she fled to avoid further conflict. Her actions and mental problems suggest that this is the beginning of a fully delusional state. Removing herself from her comrades is preparation for more drastic action to avenge perceived wrongs done to her, by legitimate enemies like the Fifth Column, and also by those with whom she has conflicts. She has gone to ground in a guerrilla war in her own mind.

May I respectfully submit that her situation has been handled carelessly from the moment she was recovered from her abduction. Instead of a round of psychiatric and metahuman tests, she was released onto the streets after a mere debriefing. No attempt has been made to understand what was done to her mind, or the process used to endow her with extraordinary powers. Most metahumans have years to come to grips with their condition; she has had less than a fortnight. The CCCP is gravely at fault for any harm she may do.

I will continue to search for her. I request that comrade Prokofiev be attached to me as an aide for the duration of the crisis. His mental powers are very helpful. I would also caution anyone who has experienced conflict with Red Saviour in the last few weeks, in particular Mojiotok, Ununtriarch, Supernaut, Kid Igneous. Any minor slight could be exaggerated in her mind, and avenged far out of proportion.

People's Blade
Tovarich, CCCP