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(posted Wednesday, August 11, 2004)

They are both sleeping now.
Foolish children, so promising yet so fragile. Send them to America was an error, but I couldn't protect them anymore here. Did they realize the money WCO put in raising, training, developing them? They want to collet the debt now. They want to take them from me, to use them for their senseless war.

I remember what Viktor told me when we were in Berlin togheter, in 1989. We were in the restaurant of the Television tower, in AlexanderPlatz. I couldn't eat anymore. The image of the wall falling down, brick after brick, was still in front of my eyes. A sense of nausea grabbed my inners with an iron grasp. My world was collapsing. He was in front of me, eating his deer apparently oblivious of the fact everything we've fought for was fading away, our pure ideal was defeated by ignorance, slackness and corruption of the ruling class.
"All is lost, Viktor"
"The world has changed, yes. The sun has set on an era of divisions and fears, Vanya."
I hammered the table with my fist, enraged: "The sun has set on us! This world mock our ideal and in ten years we will be the joke of historians; I already hear them laughing at our struggle, at our dream"
"I see. Another world war would have served you better. It is us or them, for you. The survival of the fittest.. the strongest? Were you ready to destroy half of the humanity to free the other half?"
"You.. you are a coward! You left our revolution, at least I fought till the end!"
"It was no more a revolution. Revolutions change things for better, you were planning a war. A war never change the world for better."
He raised his glass, staring at the deep red wine, almost hypnotized.
"To be honest, I'm relived that this has come to an end. Eventually we will have a boundless world, then we shall lead by example.
I have a dream Vanya: a team of communist helping people of every country, in a true fraternal spirit of collaboration. Differences cast aside, all working towards the same goal. This is how we should portrait our ideal."

My friend, you planted a seed of hope in my heart that day. And after that, CCCP America was born.

But by that time I already sold my soul to the devil: Bestla, Mojiotok, raised by an army of scientists, medics, psychologists, combat trainers, with the money of WCO. They won't listen to any reason; their weapons are ready and now they want to use them.

My brightest students. 
I had to stop them first, then I can explain all. Those stubborn fools, so obsessed with their freedom they coudn't even tell WCO was already on their tails.

My children, each hour we spent togheter training and studying, now is a reason more for your creditors to hunt you down and enslave you. I've done you much harm, but now I will make ammend.