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(posted Thursday, April 26, 2007)

Lieutenant Demitrovich waited on the dock near the Ferry to Nerva Archipelago. The fresh salt air kept masked the smell of the Lost who hovered around the shipping containers and huddled around makeshift fires. The docks were a dangerous place at night, but the young Lieutenant wasn’t worried. She could have Longbow operatives crawling over this place in moments, and the locals who lived, worked, and schemed here all knew that. And if Longbow started an incident in Nerva, then Arachnos would respond harshly. And nobody wanted that.

Even at night Demitrovich kept her eyes hidden behind the wraparound shades. She stopped and looked out over the darkened waters. So deceptively peaceful, she thought as a warm breeze played with her hair and tugged at the corners of her jacket.

“The viral agent was effective.”

The metallic, grating voice came unbidden from her side. A whisper that caused the hairs on the back of Lieutenant Demitrovich’s neck to stand up on end. She replied softly, her lips barely moving.

“No doubt. I read the incident report. Love him or hate him, Nemesis is nothing if not a perfectionist.”

“Keep walking, Lieutenant. What you asked for is between the two crates by the lit barrel just to the right of you.”

Lieutenant Demitrovich casually walked the short distance to the crates and sat down. She pretended to warm her hands for a while on the fire that burned brightly and cast long shadows on the container behind her. Reaching down she quickly found the small square package, wrapped in brown paper and tied with string. She slipped it inside her jacket pocket and went back to warming her hands.

“There’s enough to wipe out a city - if you feel that way inclined.”

Lieutenant Demitrovich smiled. “Spasiba, Rack. I’m sure I can put this to good use.”

She reached inside her jacket and placed a small folded note on the crate to her right. The note quickly vanished as an unseen hand silently reached out and grasped it.

“You’ll find everything is there as you requested. Sky Raider missiles, delivery launchers and remote activation devices. And I don’t want to know what you intend to do with them.”

The unseen voice whispered in her right ear.

Do svidanya, Lieutenant Demitrovich. Enjoy the rest of your evening.”

Lieutenant Demitrovich rubbed her hands together in front of the flames.

Do svidanya, Rack. A pleasure doing business with you.”