Communique to Paragon City

(posted Monday, April 30, 2007)

Colonel Nikolai Biryuk
Commissar Comrade Hero of the CCCP
Subject: Apprehension of Rack - For Your Eyes Only.
Date: May 1st, 2007.

Privyet Colonel Biryuk,

Colonel Magidov sends his regards and wishes that you know that all the technicians of Star City appreciate your efforts in the ongoing Operation "Free Space."

I will be completely candid with you, Colonel Biryuk and trust that you will not repeat this information.

The President himself has taken an interest in seeing that Rack is apprehended. Hadrian Quinn is responsible for assassinations of Soviet personnel during the Great Patriotic War, and espionage activities in the decades following the War.

We Russians have long memories, Colonel Biryuk, and although the Cold War is long over, there are many of the old guard who would like to see this Rack terminated (if indeed that is possible).

Rack is an enemy of the People, and should be dealt with as such.

I defer to your judgment regarding the use of your American friends to assist in apprehending Rack.

As an unexpected bonus, the President has approved additional funding and material support for the CCCP for the next three years.

I have transmitted the details to you along with this communique.

All the best with your endeavors, Colonel Biryuk and good hunting.

General Vsevolod Nyugen
Field Operations Director
Glavnoye Razvedyvatelnoye Upravlenie
Russian Metahuman Identification and Utilization Division.