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(posted Wednesday, August 11, 2004)

<rrrrriiinnng.... rrrriiiinnnng....>

"Hel-lo. James Buffington the Third speaking"

"Comrade James, this is Viktor Chernii"

"Vik-tor! How lovely to hear from you. Please tell me that young James hasn't blown through his monthly stipend already! I say... it sets a bad example!"

"Nyet, tovarisch - or, more exactly, he probably has. But this is not what I am calling you regarding."

"No? Then... what is it, my friend?"

"I need to get to Moscow."

"Oh? Is that all? Why, I have a junket going to Moscow next month! It should be lovely. I'm doing a speaking engagement at the University there, meeting with shareholders in the quaintest little countryside dacha, and then we're going to visit the Hermita...

"I need to be in Moscow tomorrow, James. Lives may hang in the balance."

"Tomorrow... hmmm... well, let me see here... mmmm... (tapping on keyboard) ... okay - can you get to Pinnacle National by 9:00 PM? Don't worry about customs - there should be a signed order from some undersecretary of State waiting for you at the check-in desk. You're in Executive Class, seat 2A"

"Execu... bah. Da - I will be there. Thank you for your assistance, old friend. I am owing you much."

"Just take care of my boy, Viktor."