The First Month

From the Story Arc: The Fading Flame: Meanwhile

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(posted Tuesday, May 01, 2007)

Week One.

The rubble was being cleared from Portal Corps and a portal had been activated to initiate the search for her sestra. This was a start. By the end of the week Commissar Petrograd had contacted and searched 13 worlds, this was something Red Star saw as progress until Petrograd informed her that the Portal was able to access a potentially infinite number of worlds. It seemed that, unlike the Transit Point technology she was familiar with, the designers of portals had neglected to allow each to access only a specified group of worlds.

An oversight that did not bode well for her sestra, it could be some time before she was found.

Week Two.

In an effort to ensure that the various attempts to locate Astra were targeted appropriately, she made her way down to Portal Corps and observed the scientists to make certain they did not become distracted. This was not appreciated by scientists who seemed to be under the impression that you needed to be able to understand dimensional physics in order to be able to assist them and, after Commissar Belladonna's 'recommendation', she returned to the CCCP base to monitor things from there.

Astra would be with her family, she would not be alone.

Week Three.


These had been used to store all the information that related to the Portals, include the destinations of any 'jumps'. These records had been destroyed by the explosion and, apparently, some sort of cold the computers had caught and there was no way for the computers to be made better.

Annoying was not the word. For these things to be trusted to such an important task, and for them not to be able to manage… She attempted to calm herself - what was done was done, mistakes get made but it is important not for them to be repeated. It was time to find out what else could be done to find Astra.

Three weeks - isolated and in hostile territory. Shelter would have been found but now supplies would start to be an issue. Her sestra needed to be found. Soon.

Week Four.

Word had come from Mandragora, a strange human that she had only infrequent dealings with. There was something dangerous about her, something that seemed… it was irrelevant for the moment. Mandragora had been studying the remaining information from the computers and had been able to find information about transits made by the portal before its explosion.

On one world there was no sign of Astra and the other two potentials-- the other possible sites could not be accurately determined.

This did not make sense; if you could see a path you should be able to work out at least the direction of the destination but such logic did not apply to science. An extended discussion with a Portal Corp team confirmed this and resulted in Portal Corp asking Commissar Belladonna to stop her from 'bothering' them.

Her sestra was trapped, somewhere unknown and Portal Corp and their systems were unable locate her. The chance of finding her by a selecting a random destination was non-existent. Astra was lost, alone and she was unable to help her.

Then the message came.

This Garvey had tried to take Astra before and now it seemed he had succeeded. Petrograd was still searching but there was nothing she could do to help, which left only one thing.