Resignation Letter

(posted Thursday, May 03, 2007)

To: Ms Bella Dawn Parker, MD, Commissar
CC: Mr. John Murdock, Commissar, Dr. Thanh Ha, MD, Commissar, Mr. Ivan Ilyich Derinsky, Commissar

From: Alexander Rabinovich, PhD. Sofia Rabinovich, PhD.

Subject: Resignation of Office

Dear Sir/ Madam,

We, Dr Alexander Rabinovich, and Dr. Sofia Rabinovich, hereby resign all claims to our positions within the metahuman organization of the CCCP. We furthermore resign any position that has ever been, or would potentially hold, within said organization, and all claims that the organization has on our persons.

In the last two years, during which we have served in various capacities within the organization CCCP, we have had the pleasure of finding ourselves in the position to provide aid of various sorts to the members and the officials of the group. It is, however, self-evident to us that, due to no fault of the people involved, the change of course within the organization and its structure has condemned our relationship to failure. Due to these changes of ideology and makeup we can no longer remain in the CCCP, either in the position of officers or in the position of members.

It is self-evident to us, furthermore, that, once more, due to no fault of the people involved, there is a tremendous rift between ourselves and the commissariat. As we have been called upon to assume the duties of officers in the capacity of generic advisors, in order to provide our wide range of expertise for the use of the officiating members, it has been clear to us that it is our duty to offer sincere and unbiased prognoses, whether or not these prognoses are congruent with the wishes of our superiors. Due to a certain chain of events to occur within the CCCP and, more generally, within the RPC, it is obvious to us that we no longer stand as advisors of any sort to the officers in charge, as these officers are no longer interested in, or feel they can trust, our expertise. As such, we can no longer condone remaining in this advisory capacity; we wish not to be at fault, even if indirectly, for failures and disasters that might occur, in our opinion, due to the disregard which our advice has been met with.

In addition, it has come to our awareness that in the circumstances that had arisen, our reputation as open minded and competent advisors, in whose ability it is to provide honest and accurate assessments of the situation, has been put very much into doubt. As mistrust between superiors and their direct subordinates is tremendously damaged to the structure of any organization – needless to say one dealing with so delicate and sensitive a situation as the CCCP – we feel it our duty, in order to prevent collisions followed by possible disasters, to resign.

In addition, while as officers it is our duty to stand as supporters of the organization that we represent, at least to the outsider eye, once we have handed in our resignation it is entirely within the realm of accepted behaviour to provide constructive criticism together with an explanation for our further resignation of membership status.

The organization, CCCP, which we have joined these two years past, is not the same organization that exists today. We can not, allowing for reasonable thought and unclouded observation, remain members of the organization in good conscience, obeying its superiors and such officers as are elected to replace us. The structure of the army command is one that is upheld by respect from the subordinates towards the superiors, and consideration of the subordinates by the superiors. Such a structure of mutual respect fails in the CCCP utterly, and we cannot grant obedience to the structure further. We have assumed the position of officers in order to attempt to avert disaster and disintegration from the organization that had offered us something of a structure and aid in this city. Now, when no longer officers, we cannot merely watch passively from inside the transformation of the organization into something which we will find abhorrent.

Due to all the reasons detailed above, we have decided to hand our total and complete resignation from the CCCP. While we will always be available to offer aid and consultation to any member of the CCCP who asks for it, as well as the organization as a whole, we see ourselves as no longer bound by the duties and the rights of the group.

We will sign all confidentiality agreements necessary, and provide personal assurances to our secrecy, as required.


Alexander Rabinovich, PhD

Sofia Rabinovich, PhD