From the Story Arc: The Lecture

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(posted Wednesday, May 09, 2007)

Guidance Counselor Jones enthusiastically shook Comrade Hero’s gloved hand.

“Thank you for coming Comrade Hero. Really grand of you.”

Comrade Hero nodded.

“Is nyet a problem, Guidance Counselor. Antonio Nash believes it will be beneficial. So here I am.”

Counselor Jones smiled and ushered Comrade Hero inside the Steel Canyon branch of the Paragon City University. A recent construction of concrete, steel and glass that had been built so that heroes of all security levels as well as ordinary citizens could study and learn about the different aspects that being a hero meant in the City of Heroes.

It was an ambitious project, but Comrade Hero believed that the sharing of knowledge, experience and information could only benefit the wider hero community. When Antonio Nash, Mutant Hero Liaison from GIFT - the Genetic Investigation and Facilitation Team, had asked Comrade Hero to give a lecture on what it meant to be a mutant hero, he was initially skeptical.

Comrade Hero was no scientist, nor was he a scholar. But Nash was persistent and persuasive and Comrade Hero had eventually agreed to give a lecture to low security level mutant heroes. If he felt nervous as he paced through the hallways of the University, Comrade Hero didn’t show it. He listened patiently as Guidance Counselor Jones explained the latest exciting happenings at the University, and highlighted key areas of interest as they made their way through the complex.

The mention of several Gravity Capsules in the gymnasium did catch Comrade Hero’s attention. Training under artificially generated heavier than Earth gravity levels sounded like an ingenious idea. Comrade Hero doubted the budget of the CCCP could stretch to accommodate such high tech training equipment, but perhaps the budget could absorb the membership cost of joining the University gymnasium.

Guidance Counselor Jones was more than happy to stop and give Comrade Hero a handful of pamphlets from his briefcase that explained in detail the City subsidized training and exercise facilities available to heroes at the University. Comrade Hero was impressed as he read what was available. The City had spared no expense in outfitting the gymnasium. He would have to show this to Commissar Disinformazia and discuss the possibility of purchasing memberships for interested CCCP members.

The pair finally stopped outside a set of polished wooden doors, and Guidance Counselor Jones turned to address Comrade Hero.

“I’ll introduce you to our heroes Comrade Hero, and then you can take it from there. It’s okay to be nervous. Everyone is the first time. I remember Miss Liberty almost stumbled and fell when she tripped over the stairs leading up to the lecture podium.”

Comrade Hero resisted the urge to smile. Someone had obviously told Guidance Counselor Jones that Comrade Hero and Miss Liberty had their ‘differences of opinions.’

“I am ready, Guidance Counselor. Hopefully I won’t make same mistake.”