A pact with the devil

From the Story Arc: Bestla's Diary

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(posted Wednesday, August 11, 2004)

"Malice? It's me"
"I was waiting this call, Medvedev; my associates are losing their patience. We know they are coming your way, our sources are closer to them than you could think."
"Keep your spies out of my group, Malice. If we'll catch them, there won't be trials, just a swift sentence."
"Many wonder why you are protecting that girl; she's disrespecting you, with her senseless babbling about paperworks. She want to make a fool of you, the great Worker's Champion..
"DON'T TRY YOUR MIND TRICKS ON ME, MALICE. You won't touch the daughter of Shostakovich. Dare and I'll hunt you one by one like dogs. And you will be the first to know why they called me Gavrila during the war."
"The sword of vengeance, Gavrila, Gabriel. The cleansing fury. I know very well your fame, Medvedev. Sigh.. You orthodox are so primitive in your instincts. Anyway, you're a fool if you think you can treaten me and unfulfill our pact"
"I won't let you have them, never.
I decided this long ago, I just needed the memory of a friend to remember this decision. They won't pay for my errors"
"This is.. unespected. Anyway it doesn't change our plans. We will have them one way or another, after all we've invested in this Pack, we want the alphas, not some half freak with minor powers. We want the girl, and of course.. we want our future commander. The man who will guide our army of perfect soldiers. We want Mojiotok."
"NO! Take me and leave them alone! I will do as you command!"
"Such nonsense, you're but an old soldier that.."
"I've beaten them to unconsciousness two hours ago."
"Impossible! They are invincible, we MADE them invincible!"
"I still stand here, unscratched. If you were planning to create a new communist champion, you have failed. Now consider my offer again, you leave the two alone, in peace. And I'll serve you as long as they live."
"My associates won't be glad to hear of the failure of this project."
"This is my final offer"
"Have it your way then, stubborn idiot. Don't think it will be easy for you, we have many spies in America. Try to disobey, try to betray us, and your pupils will pay the price of your insolence. You have one month to leave the direction of the CCCP and stage your death. Our operatives will contact you soon after."

It's all done now. I never felt so clean in years. 

Are you watching me Viktor? Are you proud of your old friend?