Internal Communiqué 1

(posted Monday, June 11, 2007)

From: Comrade Hero, Commissar
To: CCCP General
Subject: A Question of Etiquette

During a recent infiltration patrol against Council operatives with Comrade Bateleur it was brought to my attention that whilst in the field all CCCP Comrades need to be aware of certain rules of etiquette.

While the CCCP is not a military organization per se, the organizational structure of the CCCP can be used against us in the field by observant criminal subversives.

Effective immediately all CCCP members on active field duty are to minimize any audio and/or visual cues that would lead to criminal subversives making targets of opportunities based on CCCP organizational ranks.

Unless in the security of the CCCP Headquarters no member is to address another member by rank (in any language), salute, or otherwise draw attention to rank by the display of insignia and other identifiable means.

This is especially important when Metahuman Neural Power Dampeners are being employed in the field and patrols and/or missions are being conducted in zones where snipers are known to operate with impunity (such as Founders Fall, Brickstown, Peregrine Island, and Crey’s Folly).

All CCCP members operating in the field should refer to one another by their designated hero names, or simply as 'Comrade.'

Thanking you in advance for your compliance with this order.

Comrade Hero