Internal Communiqué 3

(posted Monday, June 11, 2007)

From: Comrade Hero, Commissar
To: CCCP General
Subject: re: A Question of Etiquette

In reference to Internal Communiqués 1 and 2, I have been asked to clarify the ‘official’ position on the wearing of CCCP dress uniforms.

As all Comrades are aware, the CCCP (in cooperation with Icon) freely provides a dress uniform for wearing at certain functions and engagements. It is not mandatory for Comrades to wear the dress uniform in the CCCP Headquarters, and is deemed impractical for scientific and technical personnel to wear whilst engaged in experiments and research at CCCP Headquarters.

And while it is inadvisable to wear dress uniform in the field (unless one can afford the purchase of said uniform from nano-tech self-repairing materials), it is expected that Comrades who attend officially sanctioned CCCP functions and engagements wear dress uniform.

There are no standard issue battle fatigues or combat uniforms for CCCP members. While this may be subject to change in the future, for the time being it is expected that Comrades will wear suitable attire that is comfortable, practical and functional.

Funding will be provided on a case by case basis for Comrades who cannot afford to outfit themselves accordingly.

Thanking you for your compliance with this order.

Comrade Hero