Confidential Communiqué 1

(posted Monday, June 11, 2007)

From: Comrade Hero, Commissar
To: Disinformazia, Commissar
Subject: Increased ‘Bounty’ on Criminal Subversives by FBSA

Commissar Disinformazia,

Have you read or watched the latest proclamation by the City Representative? This weekend the Federal Bureau of Super-Powered Affairs is offering an increased ‘bounty’ on the successful apprehension of criminal subversives within Paragon City.

Why are the American’s so desperate to fill the already overcrowded Ziggursky Penitentiary with even more super powered inmates?

Is there some quota system that the FBSA must meet, or is this another government attempt to prove how effective the heroes of Paragon City are in their war on crime?

I do not approve of turning heroes into ‘bounty hunters’ at all. Hero Corporation may be a capitalist hero enterprise, but paying heroes en masse to capture criminal subversives is a dangerous card to play.

Still, I am pragmatic. This weekend madness could provide an increase in much needed funds and resources for the CCCP that could be used to improve Headquarters and upgrade facilities.

I have attached a copy of the City Representative’s announcement from the Paragon Times and will be advising our Comrades to take extra care this weekend to ensure they do not become the victim of friendly fire incidents from overzealous heroes.

Comrade Hero