The limits of science

From the Story Arc: Mojiotok: Metamorphosis

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(posted Friday, August 13, 2004)


"Begin new lab report entry.

August 11, is...strike that. It is now 2:38 am, August 12. I was finally able to get the tissue samples that Kostyak gave me into culture. Initial attempt at standard agar plates was abject failure. Cells ate through the media in a matter of hours. I have managed to rig up a cycling broth culture and moved them to the cold room. Keeping them near freezing seems to arrest the growth enough to keep them stable.

I have never seen anything like this before. Growth curves are typical of cancer, but at such an accelerated rate...I do not know. Samples were taken approximately ten days ago, and Mojiotok seems to have stabilized. I suspect that his body is acclimating to the condition. Too bad I have no current samples to compare these to.

Two things strike me.

Both Bestla and now Mojiotok have shown greatly accelerated metabolism. They are burning themselves out.

And then there is something Bestla said to me once. I was tucking her in for the night. She was in high spirits as our evening patrol had gone particularly well. We had been with General Kozyrev and I asked her what she thought of his spines. "Is like big porcupine, nyet? Perhaps we should introduce him to King Algorithm!" I joked. She grew very dark and would only say, "The fairy princess did that to me once".

Is there a connection? Two people. Both products of the same twisted weapons program. Both with rampant metabolisms. Mojiotok now grows spines. Did Bestla at one time? Could she again? Bah. I must talk to Viktor about this. I need to run more tests on subjects who are not here with time I do not have. It is now...3:13 in the morning. I must be off Moscow soon. I will try to smuggle some samples to Russia. I have old friends from medical school who should take a look at these.