Reccomendation of Additional Monetary Funds for Chug

(posted Friday, August 13, 2004)

Comrades, our intelligence agents were able to obtain the attached article before they are published next week. The viewpoint of the article is not hostile in perspective, but I fear more political press will use this as propaganda against CCCP and the Red Brigade.  I was able to prevent the situation in question from escalating further.  Partially this incident is my fault, as I know these books are some of Chug's favorites and I told him about the event.

I do think we may need to request some form of allowance from our Cuban and Russian State contacts for Chug.  Although he seems happy with his apartment and grocery service provided by our agents, I think some small disposable income might be useful.  Or allow some recreational material in the manner of toys and books be added to his monthly allotment from the State.  He is quite simple as his needs are (aside from the large about of food consumes).  I think some small items for recreation will go a long way towards placating his wants.  Chug is rather docile. Even when upset, he simply sits and pouts or begins to eat things.  I think these simple measures will help maintain his emotional stability.

Paragon Times, Wednesday, August 18, Hero Track Section:

Communist Superhero Incites Near Riot at Children's Book Signing.

Alexey Kotyara the famous Russian author of the children's books, "Ivan the Red Tractor", saw his book signing turn into a near riot and become an illustration on opposing views of economics last Tuesday.  Narnes and Boble secured Alexey on a nationwide tour to promote his award winning books describing the adventures of the small, but big hearted, red tractor Ivan.  His series is immensely popular among children in Russian and many former Soviet Union states.  His typical appearances at Narnes and Boble include a reading of his new book, "Ivan the Red Tractor Goes to the Beach".  Little did he know his stop in Paragon city would include something of a larger stature in the audience.

The communist superhero Chug attended the event, happily eating it's share of snacks and gleefully spread out on the floor to hear the story.  It squealed in delight with the rest of the children as Alexey read from his new book.  But things grew ugly when Alexey finished his tale and the Narnes and Boble manager suggested purchasing other books by the author.  Chug then bounded up, and began handing books on the shelves out to the children.  "It told the children to just take the books,' said the store manager, Connie Blackstow, "And when I said that they had to pay for them, it didn't understand."

At that point the manager showed the confused hero a cash register and explained that the books had to be purchased.  "It grew very upset and it's face became distraught," Connie continued, "It then started yelling, 'No!  They should be free!"  Near havoc then ensued as several children began to load up their arms full of books with the hero cheering them on.  "And when the parents tried to control their children and explain they had to pay for them," lamented Connie, "well, thing really got out of hand."  The superhero suddenly ripped out a register and began eating it.  "It was absolutely bizarre, we had children crying, books everywhere, and this creature frantically shovelling a cash register into his mouth," said a parent of one of the children.

Fortunately things quieted down at the arrival of Red Brigade's, 5 Year Plan.  The Chinese superhero quickly calmed down his agitated friend, and graciously paid for the damages, including a full set of Alexey Kotyara's books for all the children present.  "He was very helpful soothing Chug and making it apologize," Connie said, "I was really glad to see another hero show up and ease the tension we had with this thing."

"It was really an amusing situation to see a former hero of Russia giving these American children a lesson in the woes of capitalism," chuckled Alexey.