Im Pace

From the Story Arc: The Fading Flame

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(posted Wednesday, July 11, 2007)

Tecum vivere amem, tecum obeam libens. "With you I should love to live, with you be ready to die."

John laid on his bunk in a private cabin aboard Sanctuary, face to the wall. He was covered in bandages and burn salve for his wounds, but they hadn't bothered him in the first place. Why was anyone doing anything for him? What was the point? He didn't want anyone to come for him; why risk anyone else, especially so unnecessarily? He banished the thoughts from his mind; he was past the point of caring. He should have died in that lab, with Garvey. Every moment he was alive only added one more tick on Garvey's "victory". John curled into himself, hugging his knees to his chest. He just wanted to sleep, and never have to wake up. He was so closed off to the world, absorbed into his own pain and sense of loss, that he didn't hear the cabin's metal door swing open and shut again.

Something soft and warm was placed over him. Damn them. Damn them, all of them. Bella and her heated blankets. He didn't want comfort. He didn't want to be comfortable or comforted. He wanted....

A soft voice, plangent with joy and tears breathed into his ear.

"No matter where you go, I will find you, beloved. If it takes a thousand years."

It was not a blanket.

It was a wing, A soft, warm, white and golden wing.

John started, and twisted around to see Sera, Ratt, Aedan and Astra, and JJ all there with him, standing or kneeling beside him. Sera was nearest, her face tear-streaked, worn with care and bright with joy. Sera's wings folded around him, around her family, and John began to weep.