From the Story Arc: One of Two

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(posted Monday, July 23, 2007)

The door to her suite opened with a crash. There were four Vanguard officers there, suited up---carrying her Berkut suit. Which had been cleaned, polished and tuned, from the looks of things.


She was already snatching the bottom section out of their hands, stripping off her formal uniform in front of them with no regard for modesty. Once the bottom section was on and the boots were locked in place, the lead officer waved her out the door, while the others assisted her donning the rest of the suit on the run.

Service elevator....


And out.

She could hear the Portal from here. She glanced down at her wrist-comm; she had a live signal. Grimly she keyed in the code she had installed in the CCCP computer system so long ago, long before Blue's warning. Because she had known they were coming....someday....

Out there in KR, the CCCP base had just gone to full alert. Klaxons blared, red lights flashed. And every computer terminal, and every CCCP comm was lighting up across the whole of the city.

Red Alert: Rikti Invasion

Still without saying a word, she waited for the fourth officer to hang the wings on her back and activate them, and slammed on her helmet. She checked again as her PDA/comm synched with the Vanguard Portal.

Set for CCCP HQ, King's Row, Paragon City.

She jumped.