War Journal: RI2 + 6

(posted Tuesday, July 31, 2007)

July 29, 2007

I have been given special leave from Lady Grey to leave the War Zone to assist in repelling assaults against Kings Row. Although the details of the mission I took part in for the Vanguard Leader may become known after the War, it must remain confidential for now. The only thing I can reveal is that it took the combined efforts of a small strike force of heroes and villains to halt the menace. For many of us who took part, the final revelation was… shocking.

While many heroes are concentrating their efforts in stopping the Rikti from attacking symbolic zones like Atlas Park, or strategic zones like Peregrine Isle the people of the less affluent and important zones are often the ones who suffer the most from unexploded bombs - UBX’s as they are now called - and Rikti assault squads.

I have personally lead several defensive holding actions against the Rikti, fighting alongside heroes who are far younger than I was when I first joined the CCCP. There is no word on the official death toll so far. The Federal Bureau of Super Powered Affairs is keeping quiet on that for morale purposes. I suspect there will be many funerals held after these hostilities die down.

I continue to wear my distinctive red and yellow armor of the Vanguard, and will do so until we win this War.