War Journal: RI2 + 4

(posted Tuesday, July 31, 2007)

July 28, 2007

I never thought I would don armor, much less that of the Vanguard. Constructed from flexible Impervium alloy weave, the distinctive armor of the Vanguard has been adopted by heroes and villains alike - those that can afford it.

Many have chosen to color the armor black and white, or black and red. Whether this reflects the mood of the hero and villain populace, or their intent is unclear. I asked for my armor to be colored in red and gold. Symbolic perhaps, but I’m certain my grandparents would have approved. Just as the soldiers of the Red Army carried the Flag of the Soviet Union before them into battle against the fascist aggressors, I carry the hopes of the people with me into battle against the Rikti invaders.

War Bride thinks I make a most fetching target for the Rikti Magus.