Fall Like Lightning

From the Story Arc: This Side Towards Enemy

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(posted Wednesday, August 08, 2007)

[[ Open thread to document the counterattacks, guerrilla warfare and offensive activities of those taking the fight to the invaders ]]

"Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like lightning."


Sun Kai and Komrad Vex quickly covered up the fresh hole with loose dirt and slid pieces of rubble atop.

"Are you sure this thing will work?" Peter asked Tao.

Sun glanced towards the instrument-calibrating Grigory Tesla. The scientist shrugged. "Either way, it explodes."

The War Walls began to flicker.

"Let's go, tongzhi. Time to fall like lightning."


Commander Prot'l stood in front of his squad, each one battle-hardened and without compassion for these human vermin. There was no need for inspiring speeches. They knew what this infestation of talking simians needed -- a cleansing.


"Achtung! They are here," Albtraum shouted. A moment of pulsing green luminosity later, and a full two dozen Rikti were now face to face with eight registered CCCP metas.

AK-47's versus alien energy rifles. Not a fair match in this or any other universe.


A brief repetroire of gunfire preceded the humans in their black and crimson uniforms running from the landing forces en masse.

Commander Prot'l watched the ragtag band of grime and soot covered soldiers, some eight in total flee from the Rikti shock troopers.

"Cowards: One and: All. Humans: Unfit: To: Live."

The conscripts kept up a heavy suppressive fire, and the humans stopped twice to pull a wounded comrade onto their feet. Only once did they return fire, then they resumed bolting for the large section of rubble that used to be part of the King Garment Works complex.

Prot'l raised his hand towards their escape route. No further explanation was needed.


Lieutenant Anna Alexandrovna Lavrova waited. This was what she was trained for, ready for. Concealed in the urban destruction from Rikti bombing runs past, straining to hear the signal, her fingers tensed on her bow. She awaited the order to provide the confusion and surprise necessary for the operation.

"Zhongyuan Jie!"

Only Captain Sun would use the name of the Chinese Ghost Festival for a freefire signal. But there was no time to contemplate its deeper meaning.

Strela smiled. It was time to raise the curtain.


Grasping at the arrow shaft which had just now found a home lodged through his windpipe, Grand Commander Prot'l dropped to his knees.

Dizzy from blood loss, the commander felt the very atmosphere slow to a crawl. He watched the "routed" Communists turn and cloud the air with lead. He heard his captains order the rest of the shock troops behind the only defensible section of rubble not being obliterated by these indigenous apes.

His eyes widened. They couldn't... No!

He reached out a hand towards the Rikti soldiers busy holding the rubble, trying to warn them but no longer able to process individual thoughts.

A curse at the black and red clad resistance died in the gargling blood emanating from the commander's new throat piercing.

Prot'l looked at one man who momentarily climbed atop the rubble that was raining death upon the Rikti, brandishing a small device in his palm.

But he looked so dark... and fuzzy... and far away.

Prot'l almost thought he could hear the beeping underneath him, and the panicked shouts of his captains realizing where they were standing. But of course that was just the drowsiness talking.

Then everything exploded.