From the Story Arc: This Side Towards Enemy

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(posted Friday, August 10, 2007)

Tesla stared at the diagram he had drawn up, next to the device he had built. A quantum event detector, of his own design. A standard lifeform detection unit, tuned to signal if any non-Rikti were in the area. The trans-quantum energy device. An experimental charge, it should disrupt whatever teleportation system the Rikti use, sending them into oblivion. Or it will release enough energy to level a city block. Either way, the end goal would be achieved. Obviously, these could not be deployed in populated areas, but they would make good ambush devices to keep a presence in vacant areas, and leave personnel free to defend areas with where people could be hurt.

Tesla never wanted to design weapons. He knew that arms races only end in destruction. However, against an enemy who is incapable of surrender, what else could be done?

He picked up his comm. It was time to tell Sun Kai the device.... no, the bomb was ready.