An Experiment In Cold

From the Story Arc: Adventures in Tesla's Lab

(posted Friday, March 07, 2008)

Tesla looked at the parts laid out before him. The core of a stolen Crey cryo-pistol, the power booster unit from the remains of a Crey power-suit. A flashbang grenade, the explosive core removed. The power unit from one of the smaller Council mechs, Tesla couldn't remember which now. He smiled as he envisioned the unit in his head again. A brilliant little piece of munitions. He considered what he would call it as he assembled it. The FreezeBang, perhaps, or the ColdBoom. No, maybe the Soviet Winter, or maybe the ColdWar... wait, that has bad connotations on this earth. The FlashFreeze. Yes, that is what he would call it. At this point, Tesla realized that he was in the process of wiring the power unit into the rest of the grenade. As the last wire touched the connection on the power core, he realized that the power core was in fact on.

Two hours and a hot bath later, Tesla was ready to begin again. The only thing he had lost was the power core, but he had a bin filled with them. This time, Tesla told himself, the power unit is turned off first.

Three hours and another hot bath later, Tesla realized that the power booster unit retains a charge for a long while after the initial discharge. However, the unit was finally assembled. He would give the first prototype to comrade Tao. Sun Kai always appreciated new weapons, and Tesla was pretty sure Tao was over that last incident with the new incendiary round. After all, it had only taken six months to requisition the first replacement desk. Commissar Bella had thought ahead and ordered a few, so he didn't even have to wait for the second. Or the third.