Positron Taskforce No One Escapes

(posted Monday, August 16, 2004)

Positron Task Force
“No One Escapes”

NOTE: Task Force name, “No One Escapes” is not original name supplied by Positron but team leader Sol’Ekis is having none of Positron’s name and assigns name ‘No One Escapaes.” Like good socialist and member of CCCP once leader decrees something new I have purged the old something from my memory.

On 15/08/04 so many brave heroes gathered near the bolt bucket known as Positron for task force assignment that it is necessary to form two teams. My team composed of:

Sol’Ekis – Team Leader, Blaster
Ms. Ing – Blaster
Sanai Khan – Tanker
Ramathas – Controller
Shard Kid - Blaster

There was also a sturdy looking Russian woman who I had never met before acting as defender. For not remembering proper name we will call her Sonja.

All comrades excepting Ms. Ing were new to me. Sanai Khan and Sol’Ekis are seeming to have some connection with CCCP cause, so I am welcoming them. Comrade Ramathas appears to be Egyptian. I am not knowing of a communist stronghold there but he is sturdy fine controller. Shard Kid talks like an American boy but also seems sturdy fighter and is very soliciting of the needs of other comrades. Is team player as in socialist spirit.

It is quickly discovered that we are having no defender with healing to share with group. It is decided I will act as healer for team while trying to help control and fight. Shard Kid is also having small device which he can use to heal one person at time and is very helpful.

For first mission, we were put up against the sewer sick spewing zombies. It is not starting well and we are all taking many dirt naps. (Due to high number of dirt naps taken in first mission and as I was only radiant healer on duty at time, even if serving in emergency capacity, I submit myself to CCCP and RB leadership for double studies in this area.). I am not able to be doing any sleeping on zombies, and even the semi-humans are very resisting. After several tryings it is learned Ramathas can be making certain types of zombies explode all over other zombies and decreasing their number. It is very sound and succeeding tactic. (I ask comrade Ing to post more detailed description of Offense: Exploding PukeBag to files as she is of more sound tactical mind and perhaps was not hit on head so much.) It is also decided I am to keep everyone as possible invisible. Between Ramathas telling zombies is good to commit suicide and invisible Sol’Ekis scouting for porting enemies single file to our center we take many less dirty naps. Ms. Ing is blasting most strong, and Sanai Khan is a very brave tanker even if of being of minimum-security clearance for task force and without shoes. (Comrade Ms. Ing and I am to be teaching Comrade Sanai Khan how to shop. Comrade Sanai Khan has expressed he is without small change. Ms. Ing and I am knowing this is no problem, and will start with having him practice by liberating groceries before moving him up to shirts and shoes. And perhaps deodorant. Is very nice man with attractive paintings on body but smells like pony.) Shard kid is blasting ice all over place making much cold work of pukebags.

Sometime between first mission and second mission, our defender, “Sonja” is having emergency and must be leaving. (I blame my lapse on her true name and time of leaving on many dirt naps taken beforehand. She seemed good communist sister, and I am not slighting her. I still have big lump on head for proving.)

Leader Sol’Ekis develops whistling system which is only slightly confusing with manual no bigger than that of small car. Is very good tactic to signal start to fighting and to retreating for all comrades not deaf to such things. Suggest other team leaders confer with Sol’Ekis for technique. With whistling technique we are able to perfecto gorilla like hits of enemy and avoid death when facing higher numbers. Running in, kicking them in teeth, running back out when looking to keep own teeth, regroup, run back in and kick already hurt baddies again while still wounded! Is not most best way to fight, but is good tactic in this situation.

Lessons taken in dirt make us all working much better together. In fact I am wondering if baddies are hearing of us coming and get so scared they make with water in their pants and cannot fight so good for chafing. There is almost no dying by us now. Shard Kid is even able to rain ice on my few sleepers without waking them – I am not sure how this is possible but should be having further studies. If fact, we grow so strong that close to near to last mission leader Sol’Ekis is taking nap in cave, real nap like cats and not floor nap like in beginning, because he is so sure we can kill all thorny bastardoes on our own. Napping is also possibly because we are now almost 8 hours into fighting with more to go and he is used to Russian time zone.

We end victorious. We are all getting new security clearances and associated pretty baubles, including much new titles (I am asking all participating comrades to respond to this memo with new title and security clearance – please to be updating logistical data as well.) Sol’Ekis reveals he is new leader of RB and asks for someone to be turning in report. No one is saying anything so I am volunteering to do this report with statement English not so good. I am then asking about comrade People’s Blade but getting no response. I note that I see no digital image of Sol’Ekis on RB roster listing as of reporting this morning but I am sure CCCP and RB leadership will take whatever measures are correct thinking after seeing report.

Ending Notes:

I was very impressed with good communist nature of all involved, even none communist/socialist comrades. Everyone is very free in giving to others according to their needs instead of running away like capitalist pig dogs to sell for profit. Ramathas is even stopping at store and I am asking him via Comm unit to please pick me up a level 15 recharging helper and a diet coke and he is getting me both and will not be taking any monies from me. Everyone was also very inspiring to one another. Brought tears to my eyes, and smile to my lips.

I am finding this mission is no so good for controllers of mind due to high numbers of baddies on most missions not susceptible to mind charms. However I am thinking Ramathas is a Illusion controller, and he is working very well. Suggest anyone else attempting this task force recruit controller like Ramathas, and trade controller like Gato for a true radiant defender who can keep you off carpet munching. Perhaps is also good to have scrapper.