Enemy Mine

From the Story Arc: Hunting High And Low

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(posted Thursday, January 22, 2009)

“You lost her? How in the Morrigan’s name did you manage to lose her?” The lash of a riding crop came down on the shoulders of the Master of the Hounds, the poisoned quirt burning through his tunic and into his flesh.

“The trail ended at the creek,” the Hound Master said, gritting his teeth and speaking carefully between the blows. “She must be very clever.”

“Bah!” The elven lord threw the whip away in disgust. “She must have kept more of her mind than I thought. Keep looking for her! She can’t hide forever!” He turned his back on the misshapen thing that was the Hound Master, and let it creep away. He drummed his fingers on the leather of his jerkin, and frowned. He had thought that the spell was tuned precisely….

Well there are no certainties in magic, and the more complicated the spell, the more things that can go wrong….

But if Victoria had kept part or all of her mind, perhaps she had managed a call for help as well. Not to her spouse, but perhaps her parents? Or her liege?

His frown deepened. No, he would have sensed that. And besides, given the reception committee he’d left at the Gate-site…it wasn’t likely that anything following her would make the slightest alterations to his plans.

Now he just had to find her.