The Rich Are....Different

(posted Tuesday, June 30, 2009)

Commissar Belladonna Aura wondered for a moment what happened when someone told Rhia Llewellyn, founder, CEO and sole owner of LlewellCo, "No."

It probably didn't happen often. But she had told Rhia "No" when it came to installing a portal to the Rogue Isles on the CCCP refuge ship "Sanctuary." She had given her reasons, security both for her people and Rhia's. Rhia had listened, even though her face had gotten a tight look to it. Finally, she had nodded and agreed, and gone away.

Now she was back. And Bella listened, and struggled to keep her mouth from dropping open, because this was Rhia's answer, to "No." Talk about thinking outside the box.

"I wanted a way to get my personnel out of the Isles in an emergency. Into--not such a problem--but out could be problematic. It occurred to me that another egress from Paragon City could be useful as well. I bought a defunct oil platform in international waters off the Isles," she said crisply. "I would like to purchase Petrograd's Portal expertise, in return for which, I will give you, and any Isles personages you are willing to vouch for, access to that platform. And here is how I would like it set up."

So here it was. Manned and guarded by LlewellCo armed protection. Three Portals--not teleporters, Portals. In theory, you could get here from anywhere. Get here-- that was the key, because they were one-way only.

One was from the Isles, anywhere in the Isles. Isles to platform only.

One was from Paragon City. Same deal.

The Rhia had managed this, Bella had no idea. Then again, she probably partied with DJ Zero. The third was the only exit off this rig, besides the conventional ones of air and water. The third was also one way only, this time out, to Pocket D.

Access was via Port Keys, but only if your DNA matched the sample in the key and that in turn matched the record in the Portal. The records could only be updated by Petro remotely at CCCP HQ or Sanctuary, or a tech onsite with a key, two of the four Commissars present, with their very special keys. If you tried to breach the hardened control boxes, they automatically slagged. They did not have wireless access. Bella didn't even ask how Petro did his magic remotely, it probably involved something that hadn't been invented yet.

So. This was a better answer than giving non-CCCP and non-LlewellCo people access to Sanctuary. The only folks that fit that right now were Mandy and Lily, which was fine but...Bella was dubious about giving out access anymore. KC had access, but he was LlewellCo, he came and went via the LlewellCo 'porter anyway. Sanctuary was CCCP's "safe room," the last fallback if everything went to hell. It was better if it stayed pretty much that way.

The platform had a lot going for it. Plenty of bunks. State of the art medical. Self-contained water purification. Self contained "green" renewable power; wind, solar and tidal.

So. An emergency "bug-out" button. A place to hole up for a bit. Access off to the D, or by conventional means. Which....meant ExFil for any CCCP teams that needed to penetrate the Isles, without having to go beg Vanguard or Longbow for it. emergency "bug-out" button for Isles allies. A way to meet away from eyes and ears other than Rhia's. And Bella had a generous number of Port keys.

Maybe time to go talk to Deltano.