Big Girls Don't Cry (They Just Eat Ice Cream)

From the Story Arc: One of Two

Previous Story in the Arc: On My Watch by Belladonna Aura (Tuesday, June 30, 2009)

(posted Tuesday, June 30, 2009)

Bella checked her list. YC Coffeehouse reserved: check. Fifty gallons of various flavors of ice cream, all of which contained at least some chocolate, and some of which would have put a diabetic into a coma just by reading the name: check. Proximity alarms and containment field keyed to Re-Bear's Hero ID, Re-Bear's face, Re-Bear's DNA, Re-Bear's hospital tag, and Re-Bear's scent: check. Currently deployed on the ice cream freezer: Check. Additional versions of same, to be deployed on all entrances to the YC Coffeehouse when the party happened: Check.

Thank you, Petro.

Two gallons each of full cream french vanilla, real strawberry, dulce de leche, mint, pineapple sorbet, orange sorbet, and Damascus rosewater sorbet for those freaks ladies that didn't like chocolate: check.

All night ice-cream delivery lined up in case they ran out: check.

Every sprinkle, mix-in, and syrup known to man: check.

Enough plastic spoons and bowls for an army: check.

Soda, ice water, tea and coffee: check.

Movies: Breakfast at Tiffany's, Barefoot In The Park, Somewhere In Time, Terms of Endearment, Romancing The Stone, Out of Africa, Pretty In Pink, The Princess Bride, Steel Magnolias, Pretty Woman, Fried Green Tomatoes, Thelma and Louise, Enchanted April, League of Their Own, Sleepless In Seattle, Sense and Sensibility, Waiting to Exhale, Titanic, You've Got Mail, Bridget Jones' Diary, Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, 50 First Dates, and My Best Friend's Wedding. And voting cards listing all of them.


Enough huge floor cushions to cover both floors of the coffeehouse three deep. Check.

Now time for the invitations, sent to every female in RP Congres...and some in the Isles.

Dear ladies, sisters, fellow travelers. You know who you are.

You are cordially invited, should you be spending Valentine's Day without a partner, to the first annual "Big Girls Don't Cry" ice cream and movie festival starting at 2 PM on February 14th, and ending whenever the last of you leaves.

The rules are:

No ratting on who was without a date.
No males unless gay, or Hreb.
What is said in the Coffeehouse, stays in the Coffeehouse.
Wear whatever you damn well feel like.

Ice cream and chick flicks will be provided. Medical help for brain freeze and overindulgence will be provided. Movies will be screened in order of popular demand. There will be emergency delivery of more ice cream should we run out. Any leftovers (ha!) will be split between City of Lost Children and St. Raven's. Precautions against Re-Bear have been taken, but should he manage to penetrate the premises, he's all yours as I am abrogating my commissarial duties and obligations for the night. RSVP not neccessary, just show up at the door.

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate.

Bella Dawn Parker.