New Honorary Commissar

(posted Saturday, January 23, 2010)

Comrades, it is my pleasure to inform you that on a recent visit to the Freedom Phalanx HQ, Commissar Belladonna Aura made Comrade Positron an Honorary Commissar of the CCCP.

"For unstinting service in the defense of the proletariat, for beating the servants of Arachnos like a rented army mule, and last, but by no means least, for hanging out in Steel Canyon with the sturdy workers instead of hanging up on a wall in a Praetorian 'playroom' with a kinky alternate, I, Commissar Belladonna Aura of the Coalition of Communist Crusaders for the Proletariat am pleased to make you, Positron, an Honorary Commissar of the CCCP with all the rights and privileges thereto."

Pins on medal

"Don't drink anything Petrograd offers you, and the stuff in the water cooler in the medbay is NOT water."

((We got a VIP tour of NCSoft/Paragon Studios, and yes, made Posi an honorary Commissar, complete with a really fancy genuine Soviet CCCP medal. ))