From the Story Arc: The Essence of Life

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(posted Sunday, March 21, 2010)

Red Star just looked at Shadowstar. “Infiltrated? You are certain?”

“Regrettably, yes.” Shadowstar replied. “I’ve done some more investigating and it seems that this is most likely not an isolated incident. At his request, Jokers Ace has had rather a lot of dealings with the Council recently and, for varying reasons, none of it was successful. It all seemed to involve attacks against various research facilities, and resulted in the theft of equipment or the taking of hostages. What I’ve done is--”

“You did WHAT!” Red Star shouted, anger evident in her tone.

The sudden increase in volume made the technician start and he glanced up towards the monitors. The scene had changed from the comfortable, almost library-like, surroundings of Shadowstar’s office to a harshly lit, stark and almost clinical looking corridor. It seemed that the focus of the subject’s comments had changed as well, judging by the white coat it was some sort of lab tech.

“Is something wrong, Mr Fullerton?”

The technician, Fullerton, jumped; he hadn’t heard the door open behind him. The Doctor had returned.

“No, sir. I mean, yes... maybe. There just seemed to be an abrupt transition, that’s all.”

“Well, play it back and let’s see it.” said the Doctor, moving to stand next to his technician.

Fullerton replayed the events and, sure enough, one moment the screen showed an image of Shadowstar’s study, then there was a burst of static then the image was that of a corridor.

“Hmm, it is unusual but I have seen something similar before.” said the Doctor, “As long as the subjects vitals are stable – which they are – you may continue. It most likely a glitch due to the nature of the subject, pay it no mind.” Making his way down the steps and toward his desk, the Doctor continued, “Continue the procedure and you may as well start searching for when it was at the Transition Point as well. Start searching back in 50 year segments and, as long as the subject is stable, you may as well start the exorcising as well. The sooner this one is finished, the better. I wouldn’t want to have to tell her why it took so long.”

“Yes, sir. Vitals look all good, I’m resuming playback... now.”