OOC Cathedral of Pain

(posted Monday, August 16, 2010)

((I don't normally post out of character but this is the most efficient way of reaching all of you who are still keeping up with CCCP.

Going Rogue is live for early buyers and will be live for everyone shortly. I18 will also be live shortly. These issues include the revised Cathedral of Pain.

Now we agreed back in the first iteration of this that CCCP Earth Odin (Pinnacle) would NEVER have a raidable base. You MUST have a raidable base in order to participate in the Cathedral of Pain.

Therefore CCCP Earth Odin (Pinnacle) will not be able to participate. HOWEVER, Comrade Hero, Commissar of CCCP Earth Dva (Protector) DOES have a raidable base, DOES wish to schedule Cathedral of Pain expeditions and is eagerly awaiting you.

As we are getting free transfers out of this, the Commissars have NO OBJECTION to any of you transferring Comrades to Earth Dva. I would only ask that if you do, please create a second (new) version of that character back on the Earth Odin CCCP. You can easily get in touch with me to be inducted grandfathered in. Besides, this will be a good chance to build a sturdy comrade with a whole new powerset. Like....dual pistols, for John Wuski action!

That is all

Commissar Belladonna Aura))