NCSoft Stocks Slide to 52 Week low

From the Story Arc: NCSoft Stocks Slide

(posted Sunday, October 28, 2012)

Game Company NCSoft, which has announced the sunsetting of profitable MMORPG City of Heroes, saw its stocks slide to a 52 week low on Friday.


This after an earlier plunge brought on by news that Guild Wars 2 had sold only 2 million copies, rather than the 6 million projected, based on the overall sales of the original Guild Wars.

There is speculation that stockholders are jittery, faced with the wall of negative publicity generated by angry and determined City of Heroes players.

No Faltering

Movement Contacts NCSOFT

To Save The City We Must Be Jerks

It probably does not help NCSoft's reputation that they are planning to replace City of Heroes with Blade and Soul, a game so perilously close to soft-core pornography crossed with asian martial arts, that angry players are dubbing it "Boobs and Shame" or "Bits and Tits."

The Soft-Core Porn of Blade and Soul NSFW


But that is a subject for another story.