The Trap of Baron Zoria

From the Story Arc: Red Spectres Supernatural Tales!

(posted Monday, August 16, 2004)

Privyet comrades! As many of you may know I am student of the black magic and arcane arts. My studies have put me in contact with many strange objects and people. I have traveled the world seeking knowledge of both mystical and spiritual in order to further my own wisdom and uphold my pledge to protect humanity and the workers of the world. Some of you may also know that I was once pupil of Baron Zoria, evil Russian sorcerer and leader of the Circle of Thorns. I have many tales of the supernatural to be sharing with you comrades and this is but one…


I recently returned to my home in St. Petersberg to meditate and study some arcane texts that I had found in capitalist stores of Paragon City. My inner sanctum is a modest building with my vast array of tombs and scrolls of mystical knowledge that I have collected over the years. There are also many magical objects which even I have not come to fathom as of yet.


Anyway on this particular night I received a phone call while I was deep in study. I was being surprised to hear from Pietr Medved, who was an old comrade whom I worked with at I.M.P. (Investigators of the Magical and Paranormal). He was frantic and scared as he demanded to be seeing me at once at his house near Moscow. Although I am thinking it odd that he contact me so suddenly I vow to rush to his house at once to meet him. I arrived at his darkened home a few hours later (with teleportation skills things are never too far) to find door unlocked and no one answering my inquiries. When I am reaching his study I begin to sense something is terribly wrong. I notice there is a vessel of incense burning on his desk which is having an unnatural vapor…before I can be reacting I am completely paralyzed by an unknown spell.


As soon as I am realizing who must be behind this, Baron Zoria is appearing before me in the doorway. His cold laughter chills my blood as he taunts me and calls me prisoner. He tells me that when the incense stops burning my life will also be extinguished and I do not have long to live. He says that my betrayal of him cannot go unpunished and there can only be one master of the black magic in the world. He also tells me that he had killed my friend Pietr and impersonated him through sorcery to lure me here. He then demands me to tell him where I have hidden the Jewel of Joule. Although I did not know what this object’s powers could be I had hidden it well in my St. Petersburg home. I pretend to be ignorant of its whereabouts but he knew I am lying. He goes to search out my home for the object and leaves me to my fate. With him departed and I tried to think of a way to save my own life.


Although I was paralyzed by Zoria’s spell and unable to move I still had the power of my mind to help me. I reached out with my thoughts and tried in vain to contact fellow CCCP members. I began trying to contact any nearby mortals and I came into contact with lowly Circle of Thorns initiate who was guarding the house. His weak magical abilities made it easy for me to enter his mind and make him obey my commands. Under my power he entered the room and removed the incense before it had extinguished itself, thus freeing me from the spell. I quickly dispatched of the initiate by mesmerizing him and tried to make my escape. I was able to stealthily sneak past the remaining guards and I caught notice of Zoria returning as I left just in time. He had apparently not found Jewel in my home and would have no doubt threatened me to tell him its whereabouts. I had escaped with my life this time but now I must discover the true powers of the Jewel and find out why Zoria is needing it so badly…


May spirits be your guides until the next tales of the supernatural!