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(posted Monday, June 24, 2019)

Little Girl Gets Visit From Real Hero
Make-A-Wish Foundation gives hope to Jazmyn Peters.
Ashleigh Ironson, Paragon Times staff writer.

When little Jazmyn Peters was 4 years old, she was diagnosed with ALS, or Lou Gehrig's Disease. ALS is extremely rare in children, and, two years later, her prognosis is looking grim.

"Our little Jazzy needs a hero and some hope" said Felicia Peters, Jazmyn's mother, "and we're so happy the Make-A-Wish people stepped in to make this happen.”

On Tuesday morning, Jazmyn was overjoyed to have a visitor: the Soviet Bear.

The Soviet Bear (also known as Pavel Polohkov) is a 145-year old Russian Superhero from a dimension known as 07-Tau-79. The Soviet Bear of our dimension died in Odessa, Ukraine when he slipped on a fish in 1954. His clone, also Pavel Polohkov (Re-Bear), died in a fentanyl lab explosion in 2015.

Although Jazmyn didn't recognize her hero, she was excited all the same. 'Have you arrested a lot of bad guys?' she asked her new favorite crime fighter.

'I have killed before, yes, and many of them bad.' was his reply.

Trevor Goodman, a spokesperson for Make-A-Wish, commented on Tuesday's meeting: "Honestly, he's the best we could do. Positron, Mynx, Synapse.. all busy. We even tried to get Bobcat from Praetoria, but she was occupied too. And the new interdimensional Re-Bear can’t go within 600 feet of a school due to his inclusion on a Portal Corps Interdimensional Sex Offender’s list"

When asked for a comment, the new Re-Bear stated, “It’s stupid I’m on that list. Yes, I had my wing wang out. And yes, I was urinating on an orphanage. But it was two in the morning and I was very woobly. No children should have been up that hour.”

Still, little Jazmyn is starstruck by the old hero. "Soviet Bear is my new favorite hero. The working class needs to rise up and seize the means of production from their bourgeoise oppressors.'

Even the cold facade of the Bear was softened by the connection. "When I find the Lou Gehrig person responsible for this disease… let us say he will be the unluckiest man on face of earth."