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(posted Tuesday, August 17, 2004)

"The popular russian hero, Worker's Champion, died yesterday in a lab explosion in a remote region of Siberia, covered by military secret. Worker's Champion was the leader of the Coalition of Communist Crusaders for Proletariat, a group that is part of the history of our country, even if still tied with a died and long forgotten ideology, that in any way represent the future of Russia. Reached by our reporters, the lead scientist of his project Prof. Malice Rodenko, commented "The death of Worker's Champion is the death of one of the greatest heroes of our time. He was a bastion of defence against german aggression and since the world war II he saved again many times our country, being a pillar of virtue in a troubled time. He was my guide and friend, I will keep is memory in my heart forever. In his name we shall continue his work in a new lab, as soon as the facility is ready. I know he would have wanted us to continue".
The newly appointed head of cccp, Mojiotok Senior, answered at our questions about this tragic accident with a stiff: "No comment".
State funerals will be held in St. Peterborg Cathedral thursay, a large crowd is expected to gather there, and the security is requiring a great deal of work from police for the fear of a terrorist attack. Old heroes bring about old villans, as their death do.