Vive le bon bon

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(posted Tuesday, August 17, 2004)

Dear comrade Reaktsiya,
I am sending this letter to "Comrade Reaktsiya, CCCP Headquarters, Paragon, USA". I hope this is enough for postman to find you. I have not used enough stamp, I fear, so I'm sorry if they will charge you with some money. I attached every stamp I could find here in hospital (even used one) and now letter has 35 stamps and 4 balsamic candy envelopments, that look so much like foreign stamps (I'm so smart!).

I woke up in this clinic three days ago. It's a private hospital in switzerland, in the middle of the Alps. It's not really like an hospital, but much more like a luxury Hotel with a medical staff. It is called the Thomas Mann Santuary, and if I understand correctly is a renewed clinic with some of the best doctors in Europe. I am in this really beutiful room with sight on the park from my window, my bed is very soft and of light pink color. I very much like the soft part, and also the fact it's pink, becouse I had pink pillow when I was eight and very much liked it, but then Mindy became gelous and hid it from me and never gave me back. That Mindy!

I don't want to scare you, but my leg is broken. And I have to move around on wheelchair. At first I was surprised in a very nasty way about this fact I cannot walk anymore. Now I am more calm and am trying to accept the fact.

I'm at clinic with commander Mojiotok. He is not really injuried, just a bit bruised and with some minor cuts and wounds. Even if he is not true gentleman like you, he tries hard to be kind with me. I think he feels a little guilty for what happend to me. Every afternoon he drives my wheelchair around the park, and then we stop for tea in a lovely garden which is not very far from the clinic. At evening we play chess togheter in my room becouse I cannot stay too much on wheelchair or I feel uncomfortable so I have to lay down on my bed. He is better player than me, and all around gentle and kind, but not very good company. On the whole day he usually says not more than 20 words. I asked if I can have television in my room to watch cartoons and discovery channel but my nurse told me Mojiotok denied it. I asked him and he said television is for Svynia capitalists and left me. Even if I hammered on my ding ding to call him back he didn't came. I think television is saying something he doesn't want me to know, like Eminem died in a car accident or something tragic like that (Poor Eminem, I hope he is ok)

The clinic itself is a big house, but along with the mebers of staff, we're the only people there in a great radius. the staff itself isn't very big, but so far i've only met my two doctors and my nurse. My first doctor is named Marty, he is a french medic and he has round face, round glasses, and he is a bit round himself. He looks like a Hoompa Loompa (do you ever red the novels of Roal Dahl, comrade?) or if you're more comfortable with that, Humpy Dumpty. Even so is a very caring medic, every day he brings me a small chocolate bon bon when I have to pass into a big machine to screen many things of my body (only medical things, it's not really anything sexual). The machine trip is long and very annoying, and at first also very scaring. Now just annoying.
My second doctor is Monsieur Berthold. He too is french but he is a total jerk. He want that I call him Monsieur Berthold or Monsieur docteur, so I asked him to call me Lady Bestla. But he keep calling me "patient". "How is our patient today?" I am Lady Bestla, Monsieur Jackass! He has long streamlined fingers and moves them always, tapping on my chart or on the big machine while he wait for the results. Marty detest him, and that makes sense, becouse I detest him too: he is arrogant, very cold and scaring, and never ever has done something nice for me, even if being my medic, he should be nice.
My nurse is called Neva (like the russian river!). She's from the italian part of switzerland. She very young and really friendly with me. She has deep blue eyes, and I think Monsieur Jackass is trying to date her, but she is very elusive, like a cat. She speak a bit of russian becouse she studied it at university for a semester, and she's also trying to teach me some french. I already spoke a bit of french (I can say Vive la Commune!). But now I learned: bon bon, baguette, dommages permanents. When I told dommages permanents to Marty he was really angry at me, and asked me if Monsieur Berthold told me something (He actually said "that imbecille deficient de Berthold"). I think dommage permanents is a very bad word, so I won't use it anymore.

Yesterday evening while I was attaching the stamps to this letter I saw from my window a fox. It's the first time I see a fox! Once I saw an hero named Artic Fox, but he was old and stinky, without fluffy tail. Fluffy tail is what make a fox a fox, I think. Fox has red tail, like my hairs. Neva always brush my hairs at evening, while I rest on the wheelchair and watch the sound go down, from the terrace (i have fancy little pink blanket on the legs to keep me warm, and i'm very fond of it). I wish you could be here to drive me around, but I know you all have a bunch of things to do and so it's ok, really.

le petit Bestla