RE: Red Saviour

(posted Thursday, May 20, 2004)

Re: Red Saviour

To: Comrade Worker’s Champion





I am very concerned that there has been no response from you on my previous reports concerning Red Saviour abduction. Why this silence on important issue? Red Saviour has repeatedly put own self before those of team. I have made report detailing at least one of these incidents.


I have no clinical psychological training, but release of Red Saviour back into field service so soon after abduction was grave error in judgment. She has not only endangered self, but has also affect others on team psychologically (Censure recommended for Comrade Life Span for misuse of power). Now she has again disappeared.


With my training in covert ops, suspect plot by Fifth Column to infiltrate CCCP and affect its destruction. CCCP is already fractured and experiencing missing members. We must capture Red Saviour immediately, nullify powers and put into intense deprogramming. Any action less than this will be serious mistake by CCCP Chairman and Russian arm of CCCP Leadership.


Attention to this situation is critical! We MUST look after our own or American Super Heroes will intrude.




<Edit> Request to cease investigation by Comrade Worker’s Champion is ludicrous. We must get to the bottom of this! You will see, American Heroes will intrude and CCCP will again fall into dark time. As Commissar of American Team, I make decision to continue. I have disagreement with Red Saviour, but she is Comrade sister in fight against imperialism and for workers paradise. We are worker, we will maintain unity.