WCO Report - Petrograd

From the Story Arc: Zepoch and the WCO

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(posted Thursday, August 19, 2004)

World Communism Order Background Report #10241
Origins of Subject: "Petrograd"

Mansfield Power Archetype Classification: Blaster

Strauss-Hienz Power Classifications:
Main Ability: Energy Blast (Extreme)
Secondary Ability: Ice Manipulation Melee (Moderate)
Travel Ability: Flight (Fair)

Summary of Russian Ministry of Defense Report on Origin of Subject: See Profile

Summary, Recommended Action for Subject:

Up until a few months ago, Petrograd was viewed as a dinosaur, an obselete hero of little threat. His position within the CCCP would effectively keep him out of trouble and loyal. He managed to get his old enhacements back and installed, but it was generally assumed that Derinsky would either die of natural causes or a heroic death fighting American crime and thus put a positive end to a relatively positive history.

Unfortunately, Derinsky has shown two traits unseen in previous evalutaions: a mechanical aptitude and a penchant for longevity. His body has not been atrophied by over half a century within the armor. In fact. medical reports show that could he remove his armor, there is a decent chance he could regrow his amputated arms and, advances in American medecine nonwithstanding, live practically forever. His body has an unnatural tolerance to rejuvination and healing chemicals, and has not rejected any treatment to date.

His mechanical endeavors mean his powers will only keep increasing. His initial military implants have been surpassed by technology he has wrangled out various friends in American industry.  The comittee was truely suprised when he managed to unearth plans for the old Firefox prototype fighter in an American goverment warehouse. Not only did he find it before our operatives, he actually managed to incorporate the stealth aspect into his armor! While the technology is also out of date, it does not bode well. Should Derinsky discover more advanced technology, he could advance out of our control.

These problems were initially solved by his loyalty to the CCCP, but his recent disgust at the actions of the Central Committee could form a pattern of disobedience we cannot afford to allow. I recomend that Petrograd be observed at all times, and should be disposed immediately at the first sign of  dissidence.

General Alexander Rokossovsky
WCO Superhero Defense Division Rho