Shoot To Kill From The Roof Of CCCP HQ

From the Story Arc: Personal Log of Major Ursa

(posted Saturday, August 21, 2004)

Personal Log: Major Ursa


August 14, 02:30

No patrolling tonite. Instead am sitting on roof of CCCP HQ in dark with cold rain, securing perimeter of HQ compound against intrusion from... from who?

Commisar Red Saviour is disappeared, comrade Official, ICBM, has assumed control of CCCP and appointed himself Commisar in Saviour's absence! And now he is commanding General Kozyrev and I assuming guard on roof of HQ, and to be shooting all non-CCCP on sight! Even members of Red Brigade! SHOOT TO KILL RED BRIGADE?!?! What is this!?!?

Are they not our comrades? Have I not fought side-by-side with them many times over? Some of these Red Brigade have saved my life. I am conflicted... part of me, the Soldier, yearning to follow orders unquestioningly. But another part of me, the man, does not believe these orders to be just. Red Brigade is being like family... same as CCCP. In some ways more so, like siblings... young, inexperienced... need guiding and protecting. I know in my heart I will not follow this directive of death without serious provocations. Will not being killing comrades in cold blood.

Perhaps, if necessary to avoid dereliction of duties, I will firing warning shots... even in extreme case maybe to "wing" comrade if is being persistant. Only in self defence will I being killing any memeber of Red Brigade. For now I wait... would welcome attempt at intrusions from vahz or 5th... would be good to blowing off steam.


Personal Log: Major Ursa


August 14, 09:00

Rain is giving way to bright sunshine this morning, as first night of guarding rooftop of CCCP HQ comes to end and being uneventful.

Is much unrest in CCCP, Red Saviour is missing from post, many members are in Moscow seeing to old and personal business with Worker's Champion. Worker's Champion himself has of late been become more and more strict, imposing unreasonable directives, and segregating all non-Russian CCCP members from CCCP into Red Brigade. Is much strife surrounding issue of little tovarich Bestla (she may be angry with me if she is ever hearing me refering to her as "little tovarich", but am having soft spot in heart for this one.. and she is sturdy pupil!), WC ordering her and Moj to returning to Moscow and to submit to his will. If we are all being blessed, Bestla will be eating WC for dinner and we can all be breathing sighs. But I know WC is mighty warrior... not being sure there are any of us in CCCP who coulds best him in battle. BAH! But one can hopes, da?

I will appoint stand-in to take my place on roof-top guard duty to allow time being to partol... justice is still needing to being served in Paragongrad! And perhaps little shower and nap after. Kozyrev shoulds shower too, am smelling him from across rooftop. Heh, I am sure he is smelling me as well... perhaps is good deterent to intruders, da? Where is being comrade Hygiene Man when is being needed most!


Personal Log: Major Ursa


August 14, 19:00

Returned to post securing CCCP compound. With General Kozyrev and I on roof, the two of us can be seeing entirety of compound with little difficulty being. Night is breezy and overcast, but no rain being yet. Am feeling much refreshing after patrolling to blow off steaming and subsequent showering and change of uniform. Also noting lack of pungeancy from General Kozyrev's position, am assuming he was taking advantage of time off for personal hygeine as well.

Have turned away a few of younger Red Brigade members, firing warning shot at ground past comrade's feets. In every case they were retreating with much haste! Is obvious they were not checking messages and alerts and were not seeing instructions involving application to CCCP and subsequent order of disbanding RB. Am thinking is foolish and unecessary disbanding RB and am lamenting this turn in policy. I know Sergei Balderstonov is wise man, but am not sure he is being prudent.

Perhaps maybe being is radiation affecting judgement? Was noticing Sergei's hair glows green now... must surely be having some effect on his brain too? Bah! Is good man, perhaps just confused in time of crisis.


Personal Log: Major Ursa


August 15, 03:40

Saw figure approaching in shadows outside side entrance to main CCCP compound, I activated cloaking device and silently moved into better position for better identification and warning shot. Shadows were deep on that side of wall, could not ascertaining indentity of individual so I waited, allowing attempt at entering sucsessful code to gain entry. If gate opens, is CCCP comrade having newly changed code. If access is denied, will hear "Code Invalid, Access Denied" voice recording and fire warning shot. Was able to determine person is being female by shapely silohuette revealed thru the sights of Mosin Nagant rifle by temporary clearing of clouds. Was very attractive form, svelt yet being sturdy.

I took aim thru telescopic sight at ground, aiming just beyond left leg, doing so to insure richochet continues beyond this woman and not striking her. Listened intently as she entered code, waited for final key pad entry beep, drawing in breath, holding... "BEEP - Code Invalid, Access Denied" exhaliing breath slowly releasing shot. And just as trigger being pulled, woman curses in Spanish and whirling on heel is turning around to storm off. Was too late to adjust trajectory... bullet grazed lower leg of this latina lady and she cried out at first in pain, then in very heated anger. Many curses I am being sure were being hurled into air, though none I am understanding. Then with speed and grace only a a super hero could possessing, she turned and dissapeared into the darkness. Am positive wound is superficial, am sure she will being fine. A scratch at best. Will have to keep ears open, try to determine who it was I was "winging".

I was being surprised by this woman's speed in her angry reaction to denial of access at gate. Was a time when I would have detected her tensing before reacting... perhaps the Major is getting old... getting slow? BAH! Will double workouts for now to improve conditioning! This will not happening again!


Personal Log: Major Ursa


August 18, 04:20

After two uneventful nights on patrol of CCCP rooftop, very interesting thing was occuring in early hours of morning. Was few hours before dawn, 04:20 hours to being exact. Caught faint sound from sound amplifier unit in helmet. Turned to see in corner of eye Commisar of Red Brigade, Blade Shuai, climbing up over side of roof-edge. First reaction being to turn and fire warning shot before putting hole in forehead... but I am knowing this woman, this People's Blade. Am knowing her heart to be true. Have fought many villain by her side... in situations where her slightest mistake would meaning my death and perhaps others... I trust this woman. I am knowing she is not murderer in any case.

Having feeling she was being here to confront ICBM concerning his recent, somewhat brash, directives... I allowed her to approaching from behind. Saw faintest shadow on rooftop at my feet of hand being raised to strike, but no sword in hand. As hand fell for blow I was rolling with blow to acheive glancing of blow. I went limp as though unconscious. Blade Shuai moved stealthily past my crumpled form to General Kozyrev. Heard soft thwack and then a thud. Waited few moments, to see if General would be coming to see if I was being ok, or to see if Blade Shuai moved on to enter CCCP HQ from rooftop door. While lying on side, feigning knocked out, heard soft footfall of Blade Shuai return to me. Suddenly was loud slashing and sound of metal on metal and plastic. Heard several heavy items hit rooftop and then receeding footsteps.

So Blade Shuai was not confident that in my possible awakening while she was still in Compound, I would not be using rifle on her? She should be knowing better. Is no matter... just recently finished modification on new version of same model Mosin Nagant rifle. Still... am little hurt at her thinking that I might shooting her be. And little insulted she is thinking she actually snuck up on me unnoticed! BAH!

In anycase, hunch was being right. Blade Shuai was finding Sergei (Comrade... er.. Commisar ICBM) asleep at desk from too much vodka! And in further support of my perceptions of her intent... she was leaving note stuck to Sergei's helmet protesting his actions concerning RB! HAH! Is too funny being to stand!

Am not sure if General Kozyrev followed my suit and faked being overtaken to allow this trusted comrade access or if he was genuinely overcome. He mighty warrior, but she is powerful in own right. In any case, was not going to letting on that I broke protocol and was going in driect violation of orders from "acting" Commisar ICBM. If General Kozy was faking knocked out like me, good for him, but neither of us needs to know. Is best for both to think other was overcome. I will watch for possible repercussions of my actions. Am hoping Blade Shuai's message to Sergei was recieved with thought not reactionary impulse.

Time will telling.