Report Re: Retrieval of Supernaut

(posted Friday, May 21, 2004)

It is with both relief and distress that I report Supernaut's return to us. The circumstances are disturbing.

On May 21, Supernaut was found semiconscious at the doorstep of Mojiotok's apartment. He had sustained heavy injuries: legs broken in four places, one broken arm, six broken ribs, missing teeth, assorted burns. The Supernaut armor was missing. Mojiotok immediately called an ambulance. During the trip to the hospital, Supernaut was coherent enough to describe what happened to him.

"I was watching American reality show for American girls in bras. I had come home from patrol, still wearing armor. Had beer. Suddenly, am blasted from chair. Armor breached, I am dizzy and hurt. Red Saviour comes through melted window dressed like heavy metal pirate. Skull, all black leather, looking very angry.

"'You betray our people and our beliefs', or something. I say nothing but try to burn her. She hits me with glowing fist, walls break. I pass out.

"Wake up in air. She has me by collar, we are high above Boomtown. I say nothing. We land by deserted building. Still say nothing, wait for chance. Chance comes and I attack. She smashes me. She is very powerful now, is creepy in woman. Takes armor and bends it so I cannot move.

"She blows up wall and drags me inside. Inside is Fifth Column base! I see a hundred Nazis, very surprised. I am angry that I die helpless, dragged by crazy lady. She blows them back, then does something and armor is off. I am in underwear in front of Nazi horde. Is bad dream.

"'Here's your mole,' she yells. What is mole? Is animal, little. 'You've made  big mistake. I'm going to kill them one by one and cleanse CCCP of your filth. I am the People's Righteous Fist of Vengeance.'" Is bad sign, I try to crawl away. She throws Supernaut armor in middle of them and blasts fuel cells. Now I know I am dead, but is from crazy woman, not Nazis. Explosion, everyone killed, building falls on me. Red Saviour stands over me and keeps big rocks off us. We survive, but I am smashed up like now. She picks me up and takes me to your place. 'I'll leave you one arm to crawl like a dog to your master,' she says. I think this is odd because my arms unbroken. She changes that. Please to give more morphine."

Confirming Supernaut's report, the Paragon Times has an article about a massive explosion and fire in Boomtown. Investigators found pieces of the Supernaut armor and pieces of 159 Fifth Column soldiers in the rubble.

It is significant that she left him outside Mojiotok's. I believe she has a vendetta against the Fifth Column and against members of the CCCP she suspects of working for the Fifth Column. Mojiotok and  Ununtriarch will be the next targets, as well as any cell of the Fifth Column. To find our renegade comrade, we must find her prey. We must also act quickly, before the Central Committee can stop us.