Further Orders

(posted Saturday, August 21, 2004)

From the silo of Sergei Balderstonov.  AKA The ICBM


1.         For loyalty to the Union: Tovarischii Khrushchev is moved to large quarters on top floor of CCCP HQ with window, and given double rations of Vodka for week.  Please to enjoy scenic view of sturdy power lines and drainage ditch.


2.         Comrade Soviette is AWOL.  Please to return to CCCP HQ within 48 hours or you will to be charged with desertink.


3.         Security Upgrades:  CCCP will to begin construction of “Security Wall” surroundink CCCP HQ.  Wall is to be solid concrete, 10m tall, and topped with barbed wire.  Guard towers to be placed at 4 corners.  Official Petrograd to supervise construction, and maintain air defense operations.  Tovarichii Captain Communism, Red Specter, and Chug please to assist.


4.         “Operation Preemptive Strike” on holds, CCCP is moves down to DefCon 2.  We retainink “First Strike” option, but will to follow M.A.D. (Mutual Assured Destruction) doctrine.


5.         Operation Union. 

Objective:  To unify all communist Super Heroes operating in Paragon City under CCCP flag. 

Mission A:  ALL Red Brigade separationist to report IMMEDITLY to CCCP                       HQ for induction, medical examination, and interro.. er..interview.  Red Brigade Officers will to be given equal ranks in CCCP.  You haves 48 hours to comply.


Mission B:  Iron Pact to be acquired by CCCP.  We roll tanks into Iron Pact HQ, and absorb they membership into CCCP workers.  Major Ursa reportink Iron Pact HQ is 2nd booth on left, at Up and Away Burger in Talos Grad.  Light resistance is expected, casualties shoulds to be minimal. 


6.         Comrades Mojiotok and Red Menace is still unaccounted for.  If seeink them, brings to CCCP HQ immediately.


Comrades, together wes can to build a Better, Stronger Future for Communism and CCCP.  Remember, sturdy loyal workers will to be rewardink for they effort.  Lazy, decadent defectors and cowards will to be shot.



Please to monitor this channel for further orders.


Sergei Balderstonov, AKA the ICBM

Acting Commissar CCCP