Pursuing the Dark Intruder

(posted Monday, August 23, 2004)

(personal com device tone)




Major Ursa ceases his push ups and answers his com unit, "Da, Major speaking"

"Hello comrade Major, this is Nightstryke."

"Da, Nightstryke, what for you can I be doing?"

"Major, I think I have a lead on the mysterious dark intruder you caught on tape at Mother Siberia's apartment. I spoke to a few of the street contacts I've made over the last few weeks and I think I got a hit."

"Ah, is most good news being, tovarich Nightstryke! Was beginning to feeling trail was run cold. What were you finding out?"

"Well Major Ursa, this contact is a guy who calls himself Spivey, and just this afternoon he called me, he was all freaked out and telling me he has some leads on the dark intruder and he needs to meet me in Perez at 1:00am down by the old Mill at the lake. He was really agitated and wouldn't give me any more info other than where and when and then hung up."

"Hmmm... perhaps he was not being alone?"

"Yeah, that's kinda what I was thinkin', Major. That's why I was kinda wondering if you might might come along to back me up on this, maybe monitor things from the shadows and watch my back."

"Da, would be recommending very same thing. We should meeting be at 24:00 hours at Skyway gate to Perez and proceed together from there. I will follow at distance in cloaked mode."

"That sounds like a plan to me Major. Is there anything else you need to know?"

"Da, tovarich, please to telling me... what kind of person being is this Spivey? How are you coming to being aquainted?"

"Oh Spivey? Well Major, he's what you'd call a drug addict..."

"BAH! This drug addict is being contact? I was thinking you were meaning contact as in mission contact, as in reliable source! What are you having contact with abusers of drugs other than to arresting them be?"

"Oh no Major Ursa Sir, he's what some refer to as a street contact. Ya' know, sometimes you have to work with undesirables to get info about other undesirables and what they're up to. It's how I keep a finger on the pulse of the seedier side of things in Paragon."

"Hmmmm...." Major Ursa pauses, " ...and again, just how are you coming to be aquainted with this Spivey?"

"Actually I busted him during a raid on a small time Dyne trafficking racket in King's Row. He's a junkie..."

"He is being trash collector too?

Nightstryke laughs, "Oh no Major, he's a junkie, it's slang for drug addict."

"Ah, am seeing, please to continue"

"Well he was just one of the drug runners for this trafficking racket we busted, I talked to him and found he actually knows alot of dirty people in alot of dirty places... so I struck a deal with him, I arranged for him to get off easy in return for help obtaining info when I need it. I usually slide him some scratch..."

"Eh? You losing me, Nightstryke, what is being this "sliding scratch?"

"Haha, sorry Major, I give a little money, as incentive to dig deep."

"Hmmmph! So he is being this, this "junkie" and you offering money for informations? How are you knowing he does not making things up for to getting "scratch" for his drugs? How can this be reliable source, comrade?"

"Oh don't worry Major, I've made several arrests based on leads he's given me in the past few weeks. But the thought has crossed my mind... which is kinda why I wanted you to have my back on this meeting tonite."

"Having your back? Oh, da, I will be assuring your safety. If this Spivey is planning to ambush you, we will be giving surprise."

"Yeah, though I'm not really the least bit worried about Spivey, I could beat him senseless with out breaking a sweat... but I just have a funny feeling... something in his voice... he sounded scared, Major... really scared."

"Well tovarich, we can doing nothing more but being there at appointed time and being ready for whatever happening. I will see you at Gate to Perez Park in Skyway at 24:00 hours, da?"

"Yeah da Major, and thanks."

"Is not problem, tovarich. Do svedanya."

"Yeah bye Major"

(end transmission)